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Test E - HRT Help Required

Right guy’s, before everyone say’s i need to be patient, just wondering when i will start seeing at least some improvements since changing from androgel (tried everything from 5, 7.5 to 10g’s).

On androgel (7.5mg) my results were as follows:

Total T: 12nmol (15-30)
FAI: 53 (55 - 150)
LH: 1.6
FSH: 1.0
TSH: 2.3
SHBG: 33
PSA: 0.2
Estridol: 73 (75 - 170)
DHT: (awaiting result)

I got a shot of 125mg testosterone enthanate into the thigh (IM) at about 6pm last night. Since then i haven’t noticed much, maybe a little more energy. Either on or off TRT my penis has either been hanging thinner or shrunk up at times (probably due to low free testosterone) and low E2, It feel’s “softer” and lifeless allot of the time (very worrying). Even when i get an erection it dosen’t feel as “full” as it did before and almost like it’s shrunk a bit. This can’t have happened in the space of a year though, so i hope i see improvements soon. Anyone got any ideas?

I have todo T shot’s weekly from now on. I actually felt like my joint’s were feeling worse today than yesterday and no improvement in energy, libido or erections. I was hoping that i would wake up with a powerful woody this morning but nothing! Obviously this will take a few week’s to normalize but when should it “peak”? Is it 3/4 days?

Any help on the subject would be great. Really thinking about trying HCG on day’s 6/7 (which would be tuesday, wednesday then injection of testosterone enthanate on thursday again). 250iu HCG should be good enough i think? My testicles were riding high without TRT due to varicocele shrinking them, so i am hoping i can regain SOME size using HCG and maybe get them hanging more “normal”.

Do shot’s get turned into more or less DHT? Will i still be in the normal ranges of DHT with this amount of shot? I know DHT is important for sexual function and libido).

Any advice would be great.

DHT is important for the gonads and libido. TD can create higher levels of DHT than injections… if there are no problems with TD absorption.

Your T levels will increase. The response to receptors hits takes time as there will be a change in gene expression and other cellular processes. And this also happens in the brain. After that happens, then thought processes and habits of thought need time to change. Expect a bit hit in 2 to 3 weeks.

Early gains are never sustained, partly as E increases. You may need AI, I think that almost all need that.