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Test E Frontload?

I’m doing a 10 wk test e 500mg/did cycle. I did 250 on Monday and 250 on Thursday. Is it too late for me to front load? If not how much should I do and when and for how long? I appreciate any info guys, thx.

I would just do 12 weeks at this point instead of a front load.

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And I don’t have an AI would you recommend 1?

And I did 250 yesterday for 750 for the week. I’m going to go back to 500 weekly and do 12 weeks

It’s always good to keep one on hand. Some need it at 500, some don’t.

Just stick with your original plan and extend it a couple weeks if you want as @mnben87 mentioned.
Screwing with things during your cycle can cause issues.

If you’ve never felt high E2 before it can be a shock to the system, especially with how rapidly it can happen with front loading.