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Test E for HRT... Some Questions

i’m 45. i couldn’t qualify for TRT. i’ve been training on and off for many years. my diet is finally getting consistent. i look younger for my age because of lifestyle/job, etc. i want to run a Test E cycle but don’t want to go above 200mg for this cycle shot twice per week of 100/100mg. i have some male pattern baldness. i’m the risks of AAS use but feel compelled to use it again.

last cycle was poorly administered/informed. i shot 100mg for 6 weeks, 200mg for 7th and then 65mg for 8th. yes, i know, it was stupid. want to do it right this time. thinking 10-12 weeks of 200mg (as stated above). should i use some PCT?

or should i just taper off to 100mg per week, then 50mg. does Testosterone replace natural Test is you are within a normal range. i saw one of the leading andropose/endo’s in Toronto. thanks guys. first post here. probably too many questions. be kind. out.

Post your TT and FT numbers. Sometimes one starts TRT because of low FT numbers, even if TT is “normal”.

I read about your other cycle and you stated that you were uninformed.

I do not see you asking anything about estrogen control or PCT. I think that you need to do a lot of research before you hurt yourself.

You cannot just add a little T, you need to replace your total T production to get an increase [and HPTA shutdown]. Otherwise tapering off of T is a good move.

i’m learning to post one question at a time and also do research. mostly use this site, MD and steroids.com and professionalmuscle.com. am i missing any other exceptional sites/forums. i also use pubmed to find clinical trials but you all know what that’s about when it comes to bodybuilding…

steroids.com sells a lot of product with misleading descriptions and name. You do not need to go to sites that are like those to get information. When you use google, most hits are primarily after your money. I never do research at those places. And many “forums” on the net contain incorrect or misleading information.

Learn at wikipedia, and use the links in those articles. You need knowledge before you seek products and you need to know that most products on the internet are bogus or overseas shipments that may get you arrested. There is a lot of counterfeit product out there, relabeled, junk or contaminated. Many ways to wrong.

Read this to learn more about steriods.com:

For those who wonder where Anthony Roberts has gone, read the link.