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Test E for 8wks Then Tren A?


Hi all,

My friend (i know, i know.. it is my friend though) has been on 450 mg test e a week for about 8 weeks now, but wants to carry on his cycle. Hes getting some more test and tren a.

What I was wondering is, is if thats a good idea or just plain stupid? to do only test, then introduce tren a 8 weeks in, and carry on doing test? All in all it would be a 13 week cycle not including PCT.

I only feel obliged to ask, as im the middle man in all this, and i get it for him off of a friend. I dont know much about cycles and I dont want him to waste his cycle.

So good idea or horrible?



Its not the worst idea in the world, it depends on how much tren hes planning to run and if hes used it before. He should add some dbol too.


it wasnt planned, its just the tren has become available and hes very eager.

its his first time using tren. ive got him 20ml at 100mg per ml. I was thinking 100mg eod?

hes taking dbol atm with test, 30mg a day spaced out.


I'd say 50mg ED is a better idea.


Ok thanks.. so it isnt such a bad idea then? From what ive read about tren, its best to take with test as it kills libido?


Second that.