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Test E Floaters...


I just got an order of Test E from a reputable overseas UGL/Online Pharm. It's their own label, which I've purchased and run previously. But this is significantly more yellow than the only other batch of TE I've had, and 2 of the vials have "floaters" in them. They're clear and kind of stick to the sides of the vial, they look like tiny little fibers...

I haven't emailed the supplier yet. Just curious whether anyone has had a similar experience.


After a little more research, I realized that it might be crystals that I saw "floating" in the oil. So I heated it with a hair dryer [thanks honey], shook it up, and... Voila! No floaters. Just in case anyone else was wondering/has the same issue.


Run it through a whatman filter used in those "aromamtherapy kits" if need be, or add a little more BA to it to be sure, seems like everytime i look there is a new "bathtub" popping up somewhere!


I know what you mean, brother. But these guys have been in business for 10 years. They hold a very good reputation on the related boards.