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Test-E First Cycle

31 years old, normal test and healthy, first cycle, good diet, 8 years weightlifting

w 1-10 test enanthate 200mg x2/week
w 1-12 arimidex, .25mg x2/week (reduce to .125 in last week)
w 3-11 HCG, 250iu x2/week (increase to 500iu if balls still shrinking lol)

PCT: w 13 nolvadex(tamoxifen) 40mg daily
w 14-16 nolvadex(tamoxifen) 20mg daily

I’ve tailored this over literally weeks of advice and study/research. Suggestions?

You may not need that much arimidex. You’re starting low enough, so that’s smart. Don’t run the arimidex after you’re done with the test. Stop them at the same time. Otherwise it looks good.

Test E 500mg (250 Mon & 250 thurs) - weeks 1 - 12

Adex - .25 E3d - weeks 3-14

PCT (about 2.5 weeks after last pin)

Nolva 40/40/20/20 - weeks 14-18

here’s my upcoming cycle for what it’s worth, I’m also 30 stats similar to yours so

no HCG? I"m pinning mon/thur also. I’m using HCG just to ensure my gonads are awake when I come off.

Thanks for feedback. Week 11 and 12 I’ll still have a lot of testosterone floating around to aromatize though. Week 12 not so much hence why I lowered AI to .125mg. Thoughts?

You’ll also have arimidex floating around as well. You run the risk of crashing your e2 if you’re taking it in the absence of testosterone. Higher e2 at least has some benefit. Low e2 is nothing but bad news.

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400mg of test a week. Why assume you will need an AI? As iron said that is a low dose so it probably won’t hurt but you don’t know that especially starting from weeks 1. I started from week 1 with a front load and felt my E2 plummeting. I didn’t need to incorporate an AI til almost the 4th week. I’m also running 750mg of test a week. Had I been running 400 I probably would never had needed one. Some might call it bro science but I think less is better when it comes to adding shit. I’d suggest use an AI only if necessary. If you insist on using one anyways I’d suggest to hold off til week 3-4 before you start

Why even take the AI without the presence of symptoms? Are you prone to high E2? You are not planning on a crazy high dose of Test, I would keep the AI on hand in the case symptoms arise.

The half-life of arimidex is 30-60hours, while the half-life of Testosterone Enanthate is 8-9 days. Not to mention the HCG will contribute to Testosterone production as well-however small. Thoughts? Thanks for the help.

As the testosterone is unwinding it’s releasing significantly less each passing day. At that point you wouldn’t need an AI anyway, so that’s why you don’t take one after your cycle has ended.