Test E First Cycle


I am 37 M 5feet9inch 75kg
with 16-18% bf
weight training from 1 year
before that was on only HIIT for around 8 months when i lost almost 15 pounds
I have/had severe face acne problem

now I have started Test E cycle which I am slightly confused about
I was able clap on pharma grade sustanon (directly from medical stores) but after reading got to know that sustanon is not for beginners, so i trashed idea

my cycle plan
week 1 - sustanon 500/week(sat night/wed morning)

week 2 - 13 Test E 500/week same timings
Aromasin(Xtane) 12.5 mg per day
Letro in hand
Clomid(Fertomid) and nolva(cytopam) for pct

I don’t do heavy weights due to my age is not to handle the stress(correct me if I am wrong)

motive - gain 5-7 kg for hiding extra skin hanging around due to weight loss

I started with sustanon 250mg of two shots and got good feeling while that week also could see incrased strength and was able to control my acne
but after that first week i switched on Test E I had 4 shots of Test E. Counting Sustanon I am in 3rd week and counting only Test E in 2nd week

Should I count sustanon shots in my cycle length ?

I am not feeling that kind of awesomeness when was on sustanon so is Test E i have is underdosed or just a difference in both ?

How much time with test e it will take to get “that” feeling was on sustanon ?

What and when can i expect from my cycle ?

Sorry if i am overthinking but this is my first and last cycle in life so more alert towards it