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Test E First Cycle


week 1-10: test e 500mg (250mg wednesday morning, 250mg saturday morning)
week 1-10: aromasin every day
week 3-10: hcg 500 IU every Week
week 11-12: off
Week 13 - 14: clomid 50mg everyday
Week 15 - 16: clomid 25mg everyday

stats: 6'0 200lbs 5 years of training

1)would it be better if i were to extend my hcg till week 12(before start of pct)?
2)how much aromasin should i be taking if i were to take everyday?


I ran test three times before moving to additional stuff and I too .5 adex(AI) eod. I am runnin test and deca now and using the same dosage and it works great. no probs. That dosage was recommended by several veteran guys, so pretty save


sorry, may not have exactly answered your question, .25 everyday, but .5 eod will work fine for most guys. It is something you have to watch and monitor.

Good luck.


1) yes, last pin 3,4 days before pct.
2) 12.5mg eod,not everyday.


Hcg should be 250iu 2-3x a week, stopped 4-5 before pct.

Aromasin should be dosed ED due to the short life. 25mg ED.


Aromasin has a much shorter half life than adex. ED dosing as stated above.


is there an advantage if i were to do hcg 100iu everyday as compared to 500iu once a week?from an article i read, hcg works better when using low and frequent dosage. anyone have experience with this? if it does not have a significant difference, i would prefer pinning myself once a week.


a simple google search will show 100 iu ED mimicks the body's natural secretion of LH best.. and another google search will show 250iu x2 or 3 or 500iu x1 or x2 iu on cycle dont make a huge diff.. however using post cycle you will need larger amounts to "shock" your bhaaalls..

i personally have used only 500iu x2 in the last few weeks (still one week away from pct start) and my bhaaalls are shooting my pre cycle semen volumes already..


I don't use it at all. Your boys do come back eventually and I'm not personally concerned about their size. I don't want anymore kids so if by the off chance they decided not to work again after a cycle I wouldn't be heartbroken.

There is likely little advantage to an ED dosing schedule of HCG 250 2-3x a week will do the trick.


its not only about bringing your bhaals back up.. but mainly abt keeping your gains as much as possible.. you should have been knowing this considering your "know it all" attitude !


So says the most inexperienced know it all in the entire forum.


If my normal test production didn't bounce back with nolva I would certainly get right on it. I haven't had a need yet. I'm also not afraid of cruise and blast if it chooses to not come back at all.

I don't know it all. Just more than you.

Thank you though for once again being an ass. It seemed like you were going to back off and lose the attitude then you come right back.