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Test E - First Cycle


so basically i've bin researching on this forum for quite some time now, and want to start using aas.

stats - 6'3, 220lbs, 14% bf, 20 yrs old (srs) Ill throw up some pics to show you were im at

Will probly get flammed for age but i kno theres some of you who ran aas at this age, possibly younger. Im aware of test supressing hpta levels and possibly hurting myself to have to run trt or hrt. I'd be running test e @ 250mg/week, shots on monday and thursday.

My reasons for the low dose is because its my first cycle, i really have no idea what my body is capable of at this dose, and considering my age, i want the dose to be low so my hpta levels can return to normal. I've had previous experience with gyno in puberty and got it removed awhile back. I would be running arimidex @ 12.5mg ed to help the conversion from test to estrogen during the cycle.

Ive bin lifting since i was 16, i love to lift and eat healthy, its extremely addictive. Ill never miss a meal or workout unless im sick, or drink(not often), etc. Im getting around 4500 cals, 350 grams protein, 350-400 gram carbs. Im currently benching 275 x 5 reps, deadlifting 365 x 4 reps. My training and diet are spot on, and feel that i can achieve great results from this test e cycle.

My cycle will look like this -

week 1-8 test e @ 250mg
week 1-8 arimidex @ 12.5 mg ed or 25mg eod

pct (2 weeks after last pin)
weeks 10-13 clomid 50/50/50/50
weeks 10-13 adex 40/40/20/20
(maybe) weeks 10-13 arimidex 12.5 mg eod

Was originally going to run test prop@100mg eod , but frequent injections isn't encouraged on first cycles. Open for all, if any suggestions. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks lads!


I stopped reading at this point

You dont understand how the HPTA works at this time. You need to learn more on the subject.

When you shut yourself down, you do just that. It doesnt really matter if you do it with 100mg/wk or 1000mg/wk.

Duration of the cycle is a significant factor in determining ease of recovery. The drug used is also relevant.

The dose of testosterone however, not relevant in the way you seem to believe.


i originally had that statement in backets saying "i hope". What i mean is i want my test levels to try and return to normal with as best of a pct. Of course, this wont happen, I wanna try to keep my levels high after the cycle.
Beside that, how does cycle look?


Of course you want to have your test levels return to normal. Who doesnt?

Whats that got to do with the dose of test you use on cycle though?


i was just thinking that a lower dose would benefit my hpta levels after the cycle with proper pct oppose to a higher dose. Either way, i'd be doing 250mg test e for 8 weeks, regardless of the effects of my test levels.

Ive read a few posts of ppl doing 250mg test e with great results, of course every1 is different.

Bonez, whats your experience with test e? have you ran test e alone? Does my cycle look like im rdy?

need to make this right before i start...


The general line of thought is: if you are going to shut yourself down why wouldn't you run a higher dose to reap the maximum benefits during that time?

I used to work out with a couple of guys who ran such low dose cycles, and yes they made small to moderate gains while other friends and myself ran higher doses for the same length of time and experienced superior results. Their low dose cycles didn't make recovery any easier for them.

Also, you stated "frequent injections isn't encouraged on first cycles"? Whoever you got this information from is a moron. There is nothing wrong with prop for a first cycle.


I wanted to run a low dose first cycle, because i want to see how my body reacts to the test, and to see what, if any side effects occur. Since its my first cycle, i wont kno how my body will react to the test. Im glad you told me about your buddies running low doses, makes me think if i should up the dose.
Id be willing to do 300 to 350mg but thats the highest. i wana be as careful as possible and dont want a heavy does first cycle to f*ck myself up. Maybe in the future if this goes well ill do 500mg test e and perheps dbol or var.


250 to 350mg week would be my cycle, i just gota decide now.

Does cycle look g2g? PCT?


Where are those pics?


^ Listen to these guys ^ You seem to think Testosterone could potentially f you up but not if you take small enough doses. Read the stickies by some veterans here, 500/week is considered a very conservative low-risk first cycle.


taken today, haven't worked out yet, just ate, etc.


updated cycle*

week 1-8 test e 400mg (mon,thurs)
week 1-8 arimidex 12.5mg ed

pct (2 weeks after last pin)

weeks 10-13 nolva 40/40/20/20
weeks 10-13 clomid 25/25/25/25

should i run arimidex 20mg e3d for pct and drop clomid?


Arimidex @ 12.5mg ed? Perhaps you meant Aromasin? No. You should'nt "run arimidex @ 20mg e3d for pct and drop clomid." If your truly concerned with avoiding unnecessary damage to your hpta, your going to need to do more research, or pay someone to help you. If I were you, I would do more research. I hope this helps, and good luck!


i just had an appointment with my surgeon from gyno (surgery almost a year ago, puberty gyno), and i was asking him a few questions regarding AAS and how likely it is to reoccur since ive had gyno before.

Basically he's telling me its a bad idea for me to use AAS, and the chances are extremely high for gyno to reoccur. he removed most of the gland but he says its a bad idea. I also talked to him about the use of AI's and SERMS and he said it doesnt matter if i use estrogen blockers at any doses, he said it woulnd't block the estrogen conversion. He strongly suggest i rethink my decision to use AAS.

What you guys think? is he just trying to scare me away from using AAS? anyone here had puberty gyno removed, and used AAS with no issues of the gyno reoccurring? Wouldn't mind some help here.


I think the A-dex dose is on the high side. As far as gyno is concerned, personally I would run compounds that aren't known to cause gyno such as winstrol, var, etc... {along a TRT dose test-e with serms and AI on hand}. <-- That's just me.


At 20 years old with the level of development you display in the picture, you should not use steroids.

You are also completely lost on arimidex dosing.


do you mean that i have good or bad development for my age?

im still researching to come up with a good cycle and pct where gyno isnt likely to show up. i may do what faus1991 said and run a low dose of test e @ 150-200mg week and add some var @ 50mg ed, since var isnt supposed to cause gyno, and that low dose of test will keep my test levels elevated

i got alot of researching to do


You look fine for your age. Not great, not terrible.

Not at the point where steroids are a good idea though. That was my point. You have plenty of room to progress naturally.

A low dose of test, which will shut you down, is probably the worst thing you can do. You are young. At risk of damaging your hormones permanently and you are considering using less than half the dose that is typically recommended for first timers?

Stupid. You arent stupid, your plan is. Not only can you make good gains with NO health risk (meaning you aren't physically read), you are also not ready from an educational standpoint.

But do what you want, at the end of the day I couldnt care less.


Thanks for all your input, and for everyone elses. I've made my decision, which is deffiantly the right one, to not use AAS for a few years. There's no sense in having the chance to f*ck up my body, and getting gyno again, when i had surgery not even a year ago. Ill continue to train, and eat like i have bin. I've actually put on 5 lbs of muscle over the past 2 months, while losing bodyfat.

Ill continue to research on these forums and to gain more knowledge about AAS and the use of AAS. Once again, thankyou for everyone suggestions and inputs. Hope to see you all down the road in a few years if i feel like im ready for AAS.