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Test E First Cycle Plan. Advice?

Hi all sorry to take over this thread. However, I’m planning on doing my first test e cycle and unsure how my cycle should look ?
After much research this is what I have in mind

Weeks 1-10 Test E pinning twice a week at 0.5ml each pin (1ml total)

Weeks 2-10 Aromasin (unsure on the dosage help required )

Weeks 8-10 HCG (again unsure on dosage help required )

Weeks 11-15 Nolvadex & Clomid PCT cycle

Thoughts and opinions are very much appreciated and also advice is welcome


SMH… so how much test do you think .5ml actually is?

Aromasin… if that’s what you have available as an AI you can save it until sides manifest.

HCG… I’m not a fan but you could run at the end and up to your PCT start.

PCT… There are conflicting groups but I say either or is enough. Nolva presents less side effects but I used clomid without issue in the past.

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I think you would benefit from reading more on this site, as well as others. None of what you posted is spot on.


This is the reason I am posting in here…

I’ve been recommend doing 1ml a week (splitting the 1ml Into two pins (Monday -Thursday) … is this to much or completely wrong?

So only use aromasin when side effects are present ? If so what are the dosages…

There just so much conflicting arguments and opinions that why I’m asking for as much advice as possible

I have seen a lot that running both on the Pct cycle is just safer and covering all Angles

Kurt, you still don’t get it. 1ml of test could be anything. Is it 200mg/ml is it 100? 400? Who the f knows based on what you are giving us. I can’t tell you what to use on the aromasin, never tried it. Exactly what ‘angles’ do you think using two SERMs covers. Do you know how they work?

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I dont know whete you have been doing your research. But there is no such thing as pining ML when laying out a plan. You sound ignorant and make it impossible for anyone to give you feedback.

Go back to the drawing board and try again in a few weeks.


I’ve found the people that say ‘theres too much conflicting opinions’ are just lazy. There is thousands of threads on cycles here where you can get an understanding on what dosages and drugs to use. This isnt something you google for a week then jump on.

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Sadly it seems that it is in fact exactly that. I cannot fathom how someone is willing to take such huge risks without using the massive amount of resources that are available for free to educate themselves first.

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Week 1-10: 500 mg Test E / week (pin 250mg twice per week)
Week 11-12: nothing
Week 13-14: Nolva 40mg / day
Week 15-16: Nolva 20mg / day

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Honestly I was researching this shit on and off for 2 years prior to starting. I knew from then it was way too early to start so I kept researching each aspect of a cycle until I had a sound understanding then finally built up the courage and felt I’d learnt enough to begin.
My first post on this forum was 4 weeks or so after starting to run a bit of a report, I knew everything I needed before starting.
Blows my mind how little people know before starting this journey.

Sorry I forgot to include it’s 250mg. I’m not saying that I am doing them by any means but have thoughts of doing them. I know a lot of people around me who have taken them before but again their opinions conflict with one another which is why I turned to here. Call me naive or uneducated but the purpose for this thread is to gain an understanding of what people generally think a test e cycle should be like for a first time user.

Thanks all comments aren’t appreciated positive or negative

How old are you? How long have you been lifting? Height? Weight?

I think what everyone is saying is, do your own research. The internet has tons of great info. You’re taking a lazy short cut by asking for us to lay out a plan for you. Do your research. Gain a true understanding and knowledge of this stuff, then come ask any final questions.

Taking shortcuts on something this easy, means you’re most likely not ready to make the plunge.

Age 24
Height 6ft
Weight 90kg
Training 5 years
A good diet very strict

Here’s the low down from top to bottom:
Test E 250mg £40 (that’s the product)
Pinning twice a week 1ml TOTAL 1-10 weeks

My planned cycle will look like this:
Weeks 1-10 test e @250mg/ml on Monday and Thursday
Weeks 1-12: aromasin@0.5mg eod
Weeks 8-10:500iu per week of HCG
Week 11-13:clomid@ 50mg/day

That it what I’ve been recommended

Follow Veteqs advice. What you listed is fine if you are doing 500mg/week total. Not sure based on what you said if you are only planning 250 or 500 per week. I havn’t used aromasin but I believe its effective dose would be 12.5mg EOD. Look into that.

Test e is 250mg. What dosage would you take per week ?
Shall I run aromasin with it or do a Hcg 2 weeks prior to my last pin ?

Thanks for your help

500 mg / week seems to be the gold standard for a first cycle.

You don’t know how test will effect you and your estrogen levels. Why plan to take an AI and risk tanking your E2; it’ll make you feel like shit? Run the test and see how it goes; if you get serious estrogen related side effects then add some in.

I don’t think HCG is necessary for a simple first cycle. Adding it will only complicate things, same with an AI.

Take the test, train hard, eat well and to your goals and then PCT with Nolvadex.

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