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Test E First Cycle HELP!

Im confused on my PCT could you please help me out,im doing my firstcycle 10 weeks on just straight Test E just started tuesday jan 14
300mg 2 times a week

i want to know when to start doing my PCT are you able to run the PCT while taking the test and come off, or do i have to get completely off and do it ?
Taking novadex and chlomide

Thanks justin

novaladex and chlomide, wasnt sure on the names and am i able to take my last shot and then wait a week to do PCT ? or that to long ? im going away dont know how im going to bring on plane if i have to…

PCT is done two weeks after last injection. Standar PCT is
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
Clomid* 100/100/50/50

Some will tell you you do not need Clomid. I think it works well though. And I’ve never had any side effects from it. I would also look into HCG to make recovery easier. Next time make sure you have this all figured out before you start. Use the search function. You can find all of your answers on here

Damn people are doing cycles and NOT even knowing much about pct! Op do you have a AI on hand while on cycle in case of gyno?