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Test E First Cycle. First Bloods, Need Help Dialing in AI

Hey guys,

First-time poster, long time T-Nation lurker. I’m currently running my first cycle of Test E 500mg/ week for 12 weeks. Age 26.Body fat: 12-13%. Currently on my 5th week of the cycle. I had blood work done at week 4 (full test + estrogen panel from Labcorp.

I really need help dialing in my AI. I have Adex on hand and started out with .5 EOD in the second week of the cycle due to a gyno scare that I think was just mental… I started to feel really negative side effects such as decreased libido, lethargy, and just generally feeling off.

I came to the conclusion I was crashing my E2 and decided to take a week off. The side effects went away and I started to feel much better. Today on my 5th pin, I took .25 and was planning on going E3D to see how that goes as I could be an over responder?

My numbers:

Testosterone, Total, LC/MS 2217.2
Free Testosterone (Direct) 37.2
Luteinizing Hormone(LH), S LH 4.7
FSH, Serum 2.3
Estradiol 33.7

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks for reading.

How about using 0mg until you actually need it?


Also, how is your LH still that high after four weeks? That’s a little strange.

I did taper up to 500MG/ week to start the cycle. Could my gear be bad? Thanks for the advice on AI. I really don’t like it but I’ve read it does have it’s benefits with water retention. I’m willing to sacrifice that though as I really don’t like Adex

Unlikely that your stuff is bad while also giving you high testosterone levels. More likely that you’re just somehow not shut down yet for reasons hereto for unknown.

Thanks. What would be signs to watch out for if I “Needed” to start up the Adex. Are you mainly just referring to gyno symptoms? Would it makes sense to get another round of bloods in a few weeks? Thanks

Are you pinning 500 once a week? You said you’re in 5th week, and only on your 5th injection…

Excess bloating, high bp, bad acne, mood swings, crying when you look at puppies, they sort of thing.

Haha. I’ll watch out for the puppy feels

Yeah 500/mg once per week now. Why?

Once a week?


Your levels are going to be far more rollercoaster like and up and down only doing it once a week. Twice per week every 3.5 days is highly advises.

Iron yupie, I don’t know squat about all this, but any chance being it’s only 5 weeks in, and only 5 pins due to only once a week. Could this be why his LH is still not bottomed out?

I hate being a shit talker but how can you be a long time lurker but pin 500mgs once a week ?? drop the AI , and pin twice a week , actually drop you test to 400 nmgs a week ….200 mgs sunday and Wednesday night you will still have high total and free and your e will drop as well

That’s fine. No offense taken. I heard plenty of people pin test E once per week bc of the duration of the half life? It’s my first cycle so I was a little hesitant to pin more if I didn’t need to but I’m getting used to it now. That makes sense. I’m down to try it out. Would be interesting to hear from others how much of difference it actually makes.

That’s a plausible explanation, but only because I’m struggling to find another one. LH should start dropping pretty immediately into a cycle, even if the pinning schedule is only weekly. His LH is close to what mine was before I started trt.

Agreed. His is just a hair shy below mine after being done with PCT and feeling back to normal. Very bizarre.

Only 5 pins in… 5 weeks in. If somehow OP tested prior to 4th pin (he said 4th week I believe), he’s only 3 pins in, in 3 weeks. Maybe his LH was still some how not shut down, or raising in that 6th/7th day? Did he have lab work done right before he was due for week 4 pin?

I don’t know squat about this stuff, although finding it more and more interesting. No way it’s bunk Test given his test numbers.

No lab work was done prior to these results.

Very unusual for gonadotropins not to be suppressed. Is test in nmol/l?. Lack of suppression following this supraphysiolocal dose would warrant further investigation. I would repeat bloods and if lh/fsh still in normal range see your GP.

Yes test is nmol/l. What would be some of the heath concerns if I get a second round of bloods and levels still aren’t suppressed? I’m guessing/ hoping that won’t be the case but just curious as this is my first cycle.

So taking Adex with no symptoms will just crash e? Low energy just make you feel off?