Test E Every Second Day or Every Third Day More Stable?

Would you recommend taking test E every 3rd day at bigger doses or every other day at smaller doses? Experiences with these methods?

Test E half life is 5 days so you can do e4d.
I inject everything EOD, even EQ because its just easier to remember rather than injecting different stuff on different days. Also i dont like doing more than 2-2,5cc per injection, so more frequent means less volume injected.

Yeh id split the volumes down if eod if so would it just be the same thing if weekly amount same? I just heard more frequent is more consistent blood levels and so forth

More consistent blood levels only if you go past half life of the drug. If you only take such small dose of test, i dont think there will be a difference in doing EOD or E4D… but you can always just do bloodwork and test it, to be sure.

What if dose is 700+ A week?

I personally prefer to pin EOD when on blast. Even my test cyp. The more stable blood concentrations from pinning eod make my sides even less noticeable. Just like anything else with AAS use, a lot of it comes down to personal preference and how you feel.

I highly recommend always pinning as frequently as you can tolerate


My TRT is with T cyp twice a week (M/T). When blasting I prefer T E and inject 3 times a week(M/W/F). hth

this MWF would make my OCD blow up my brains… it is impossible to inject EOD and then E3D :smiley: doing stuff MWF is just painful :smiley:

Then more frequent dosing will help keep E2 sides down. It’ll minimize spikes. Also, in the beginning of the cycle, when SHBG is high, you could prolly get away with 2xweek and not feel much fluctuation. But by the end of the cycle, when SHBG is tanked, you would feel the peaks and valleys. When using the amount you describe, you will likely find QOD better than Q3D. Test C and E have a long half life. But the pharmacokinetic curve is not a smooth one. When injected in large amounts, it spikes like mofo and then slowly clears out. With high SHBG, this is not such a big deal as it is all quickly bound up. With low SHBG, you’ll feel it.

Do you have pre-cycle labs? If so, base your decision off your SHBG levels.

Going daily also offers the added benefit of being able to use small, painless slin pins. You can inject .5mL QD and get your 700/wk(assuming your gear is 200mg/mL).

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I’ve tried everything from QD to Q7D. both ends of that spectrum have their benefits and drawbacks.

With QD, I can use smaller pins, don’t have to keep track of pinning days, and can use up to 500/wk with minimal E2 sides. I also feel consistently good, not great, just good. Downsides are some people do t like pinning QD and don’t even feel like they’re on Test when pinning daily.

With Q7D at higher amounts, I blow up 24 hrs after my injection and get red, swollen face, and puffy nipples. but I feel like a God for two days afterwards and slowly return to feeling like a mere mortal before next shot.

The Happy medium probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Do you not have a calendar on your PC?
While having my morning coffee I check my calendar every morning 7 days a week.

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i have a regular calendar/planner - like with paper and pen… but writing something in it only on M/W/F is unnatural :smiley: for me it has to be S/T/T then after that :smiley: