Test E/Equipoise

I’m gonna be starting my first cycle in Jan Test E 250 mg every 3 days with 400 mg Equipoise once a week. Like I said it’s my first one I have PCT covered I was just curious if the dosage with this is appropriate for first time with out going to balls to the wall. The cycle will be 12 weeks
Height:6 ft
Training 5 years but hard for 3

PCT: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 three weeks after last Equ pin as suggested being a long ester.

First cycle should be test only. But I would pin EQ the same time and schedule as I pin the test.

Please post pics before you start and then after (no one cares how big or not big you are) as I’d love to physically see the gainzzzzz from this cycle. Would like to run something similar in the future.

Side note: It’s probably not a bad idea to post your PCT just incase it’s stupid any you don’t realize it.

I will get a before/middle/end and post them all. The PCT comment you made makes sense I’m doing Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 it was suggested I start three weeks after my last Equ pin as it’s a longer eater.

500mg test is a good first cycle for a reason.
You want to do one drug at a time because if something goes wrong, and you don’t react well to it, then it will be harder to pinpoint what substance is causing the problem.

You probably haven’t had any experience pinning, and you don’t know yet if you have no go areas that are too painful to pin regularly. So less sites the better until you find out how your body reacts.

900mg is overkill for a beginner, you should be able to get impressive gains on 500mg for quite a while. Just see how you respond, you can always add more mg or the EQ on later cycles.

Yes this is my first so thanks for the advice, I’ve gotten a nice chunk of opposite advice, one being just test for the first cycle the other being go balls to the wall first cycle. I have leaned more towards not going all out and it makes sense being able to pinpoint what’s going wrong if something does so thanks.

You’d be surprised what you can get on 500mg of just Test. One of the problems (putting aside the other issues) with starting out balls to the wall is mentally you set the bar and it’s hard to ever go below that. Doing Test only the first go round gives you a lot of options for the next and the next and so on. There’s plenty of jacked guys here that do less than 500mg cycles with great results.

But if you do end up going with the EQ you better post pics.