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Test E & EQ: Which One to Run Higher?

Hey guys,
Long time reader and lurker around here.
Some background. Im 33,been training since i was about 15…currently 231lbs 5’10 14%bf…training on point…got some good periodization protocols…shuffling between Pakulski Meadows Poliquin…some WODs in there too mostly for cardio and work purposes. Diet is better now…focusing on good fats whole foods and tryin to focus on peri-workout nutrition…little berries before workout some intra workout carbs and bcaas and some good fast carbs post workout…i stay away from high estrogenic foods and no booze obviously.
So for Pharma use…i dabbed a bit when i was like 24 with anavar…a buddy hooked me up with like 3 bottles so i was doin 10 weeks at like 80-120mgs…with liver support liv52…since then nothing…now that im gettin older with a wife and a baby i feel like dieting is harder recovery is longer but i still love smashin gym and my lady lol Also had some gyno, which was surgically removed about 2 years ago.
Basically after some extensive research im torn between two avenues for one cycle: EQ/TEST E…the question is which one to run higher…I am leaning towards 250-300 test and 400-600 eq…reason being i dont want to pack on muscle too much Im more focused on hardening up and gettin vascular. My diet will probably stay the same i may go to fasting regiments or restricted carb intake surrounding gym time primarily.
Current lifts and training parameters are:
bp flat: 374x4RMax
Squat: 405x4RMax
Deads: 455x4RMax
WGchins: 16 reps Body weight
1.5 mile run:11mins 21sec

As you are prone to gyno, a low test, med-high EQ cycle is a good choice for you.
Start off with 200-250mg test, and around 400mg of EQ for your first go with this cycle.

You may not need it, but 10mg per day of nolva will make sure you keep the gyno symptoms away.

12weeks min, 16 weeks even better with EQ.

Awesome thats what i figured too…i tend to retain water too pretty easy so i think aromatization and water go hand in hand obviously that was my main reason for thinking of keeping test low…i have very odd genetics too…super easy to pack on muscle …like good quality muscle and veeery hard to shred…both my contest preps were devastatingly low carb diets…i think essentially led to very screwed up metabolism

k you