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Test E/EQ /Tren E Cycle

Hi guys, so i have 10 ml of Test E 250/ EQ 250/ Tren Ace 100

Ive only done straight 500mg/week test cycles before and had some great results. I am considering running the following

Week 1-12 (200mg test)
Week 1-10 (250mg EQ)
Week 5-10 (200 tren)

what do you think ??
or can you recommend another way of running them ?

My advise would be to get more gear before you start ur cycle. Id also say run EITHER the tren or eq but not both so u can determine what works and what doesnt. Id say save the tren and run something like…

13-14 test 500

Something along these lines would be the way to go for a second cycle and is generally what is recommended. good luck