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Test E - EQ Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

i’m planning to do my first cycle being a test-e and boldenone combined cycle… Pair up with MStack and Anavar.

But since boldenone is slower acting that test-e would it be smart to do as following?

week 1-5 1000mg test-E/Test-Prop
Monday : 250X250
Wednesday: 250
Friday : 250

week 1-5 500MG boldenone
Wednesday : 250MG + Along with Testa as mentioned above
Franday : 250MG + Along with Testa as mentioned above

Anavar : 1 + 1

Protien : Thrice a day

This because boldenone takes long to reach potential and allows me to not take test-e for too long.
And assuming that the boldone won’t shut me down before the test-e kicks in.

I hope you get the idea and please correct me if i’m wrong.

Oh and if you think the test-e and boldenone stack as first cycle is not the best idea and i would be better to Pair Testa with Deca.

I know, these query has asked numerious time, even i read multiple blog. But still would like to clear my mind before kicking this. Input would be appriciated


You need to fully understand theory and practice of PCT and have your exist strategy mapped out and PCT supplies in-hand before you start any cycle.

You also seem to be ignoring estrogen management and gyno issues.

There are lots of threads here about stupid disastrous first cycles.

Skip the oral steroids!