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Test E, EQ, Tbol Cycle

Hi, I am 26 years old, 103kg, 1.87m, 16%bf, 2 test E only cycles and 1 test+deca+tbol cycle before.
I am looking to gain lean muscle mass.

Week 1-13
-Test E 500mg/week 1 pin monday, 1 thursday, Frontload first week monday 750mg, thursday 250mg, and then 250 mg every monday and thursday
-Eq 700mg/week, mixed with test in the same syringe. Frontload first week 1000mg monday, 250mg thurday, and then 500 mg monday, 250mg thursday.
-Tbol 40mg/day first 6 weeks, 20mg in the morning, 20mg before workout.
-Arimidex 0.25mg every 3 days starting by monday week 2.

Week 14:
-Test e 250mg 1 pin monday

I will take hcg during weeks 12,13,14 1000iu mixed with test and eq in the same syringes.

Pct will start 2 weeks after the last test e pin and will last 5 weeks:
-Clomid 30 days 50mg/day
-Nolva 5 weeks, 40mg/day first 4 weeks, then 20mg/day during last week.
-Ostarine 20mg/day during first 4 weeks

-Can i take hcg starting by week 6, 500 ui along with the monday pin with test and eq? I read that taking it for several weeks can completely shut down your testicles.
-Someone suggested me to drop the eq to 500mg and add mast enanthate 200mg/week which will help with aromatization too. Would it be a good idea? Also, does masterone work like an ai only like arimidex or it has some blocking effects like nolva?
-Does hgh help in recovery during pct?

Thank you!

Cycle looks fine for the most part.

I would watch the arimidex usage while using EQ though; see my below comment.

Watch the ostarine in the PCT, a lot of people use it in PCT but it can be suppressive so just keep that in mind.

You could start taking it as early as week 4. 10 weeks is the max you want to push it to avoid any desensitisation issues. If I were you, I would hold off until week 5 and then blast it on week 15 when you’re in between cycle and PCT. That way you get the best of both worlds in terms of the newschool method of using it throughout the cycle to avoid any fertility issues, and also get to use it in the oldschool style as a kickstart for your balls into PCT.

There’s a few threads recently which you might want to read that are talking about EQ and the lack of E2 people seem to have in their system while taking it. Masteron can be good for many reasons if you want to include it in your stack, but I wouldn’t worry too much about aromatisation on an EQ cycle.

I would suggest dropping your EQ though, sometimes it’s best play around with lower doses in order to find your own personal sweet spot. I’m sure you’d rather have optimal gains with fewer side effects and less money spent on gear right? I’d say 400mg is probably the lowest you would want to go with EQ though. Make sure you still frontload if you do go lower, just adjust the doses to match.

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When does PCT start? Should be around week 20 from what I see. Is that what you have planned?

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Sorry, forgot tot mention. Pct will start 2 weeks after last test e pin. I will edit the post.

You need 6 weeks after the EQ stops to start your PCT, or it will be less effective. 6 weeks is probably the minimum time given your dose. PCT will struggle because of high androgens if you only wait 3 weeks.