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Test e/EQ/Primo/D-bol - Lean Mass Build LOG


dont get on forums much, but when I do I log everything that I do and encourage those who follow to provide honest feedback

I will keep things very simple:

Current Stats:
5' 8''
10% BF (using a Bod-Pod)
Competitive Bodybuilding for 5 years.

This is the start of my off season ( have been rebounding from a show now for 12 weeks so my BF is slowly creeping up), so I am at my lightest now and will plan to do 2 if not 3 more bulk cycles before my next show late summer 2014.

I have worked with Hany Rambod in the past for my cycles and have experimented with all sorts of dosages, combos and bridges. This will be a cycle without the influence of his coaching (cant afford coaching every year). This is why I am starting a log and turn to you guys for advice.

Cycle 1 will be a 12 week starting in August using the following:
Wk 1 & 2 Test E 500mg + 400 EQ + 30mg D-bol
Wk 3 - 6 Test E 600mg + 400 EQ + 30mg D-bol
Wk 7 - 12 Test E 100mg + 400EQ + 300mg Primo (may bump Primo up to 500 if needed)

AIs on hand will be Nolva and Airimidex, if needed will start at 20-40mg of nolva daily OR .5-1mg Airimidex daily.
Will also be taking liver X, lipid stable, fish oil, D3 & zinc through out the entire cycle

PCT Option ONE will start 3 days after last Pin:
wk 1 - 3 1000iu Hcg daily + 100mg Clomid daily + 40mg Nolva daily
wk 4 & 5 100mg Clomid daily + 40mg Nolva daily
wk 6 40mg Nolva daily

PCT Option TWO:
3 weeks after last pin start Nolva at 20mg twice daily + Clomid 50mg twice daily

Blood work will be done 1 week prior to the start of the entire cycle and again 2 weeks POST PCT.

This cycle is meant to keep me lean and hard throughout the summer while stile making solid gains.

My macros will be starting off high and tapering as the Test E dosage goes down.

Depending on how I feel, the dosage of Test and Primo may change from week 6 - 12. I may keep Test E at 300mg rather than go low to only 100mg. But ill make that call when the time comes.

Other gear in my box that I could potential add would be:
Test Sust
Winny Water & Oil



drop the primo and the EQ, run 1.5g of test + the dbol and .5mg adex ED


I second this suggestion would be much more effective for what your looking for and probably cheaper.


Really? What about using any form of Test Prop or Sust with a Test E dosage of 750/wk? I have plenty of all three on hand.


What would be the point? Test is Test. If you wanted to use Prop or Susp for the first 3-4 weeks for Kickstart or Frontload however you look at it but, really a necessity at all.


After reading your comment, I did some more research and came up with this.:

Week 1 Front load with 600mg Test E on Monday (Day One). 270mg Sust + 200 Prop on Thursday and Sunday. (Total of 1,540mg test/wk)
Week 2 405mg Sust + 300mg Prop on Wednesday & Saturday. (total of 1,410mg test/wk)
Week 3 405mg Sust + 300mg Prop on Tuesday & Friday. (total of 1,410mg test/wk)
Week 4-12 300mg Test E + 270mg sust + 200mg prop every three days (avg total of 1,540mg test/wk)


Week 1 Front load with 600mg Test E on Monday (Day One). 270mg sust + 200mg EQ on Thursday and Sunday. (total of 1,540mg test/wk)
Week 2 540mg Sust + 200mg EQ Wednesday & Saturday. (total of 1,480mg test/wk)
Week 3 540mg Sust + 200mg EQ Tuesday & Friday. (total of 1,480mg test/wk)
Week 4-12 300mg test E + 270mg sust + 200mg EQ every three days (avg total of 1,540mg test/wk).

*I may also add in 30mg Dbol daily for wk 1-6 & 400mg/wk of Primo for wk 7-12


Man reading comprehension was not your strongest point in school huh? You just succeed in making the absolute easiest and most straightforward cycle and to point rediculusness complicated it.

Week 1-4
1500mg of Test E a week
50-75mg of Prop or Suspension

Week 5-12 or how ever long
1500mg of Test E


Look how much simpler, easier, and less space that took to write up and guess what you averaging 1500mg a week.

Test is Test your not getting anything extra put of switching and adding so many different esters at such random times. Your making your blood levels much more unstable and all over the place.

KISS( Keep It Simple Stupid )


I do like using EQ though,and I have a lot of it whats your thoughst on this:

wk 1-12 Test E 500mg E3d + 200mg EQ E3D
wk 1-6 30mg D-bol
wk 5-14 250iu HcG E3D

wk 15-18 Clomid (100/100/50/50)+ Nolva (40/40/20/20)

is this better for keeping it simple :slightly_smiling:


Just run the exact cycle I put up top and add EQ around 500mg or how ever much you can run for the duration of the cycle and you will be good to go. Dbol is good to go as well def swell up on this. As for HCG I cam not tell you I have no experience with it.


OK. So run 1500mg Test + 500mg EQ/wk for 12 weeks
Kick Start with Dbol for 6 weeks



Run the test at least a week longer than the EQ before you start pct.

Hcg- 250iu 3x a week, no later than week 3, stop 4-5 days before pct.


just to clarify:

Wk 1-12 Test E 1500mg + 500mg EQ/wk (pin every 3 days with 750mg test + 250mg EQ)

Wk 1-6 30mg D-Bol taken 1hour before lifting

***On week 12 only DO 1500mg Test E, Stop taking EQ

Wk 4-14 250iu's HcG every other day

Wk 15-18 Clomid (100/100/50/50) + Nolva (40/40/20/20)


Sounds good


Thanks for everyone's help on this! I will start a new thread logging my progress weekly