Test E/EQ Detection Question

Substance detection question. Going to be vague on this. Was starting a light cycle of AAS and something came up. I got one injection in of 150mg of Test Cyp and 300mg of EQ. How long would the use of anabolics be detected in my system? How long until my numbers drop back to normal range with this small surge of exogenous hormones administered? Not looking for cycle advice. Just curious on if a test were to happen, most likely bloods of course, how long until I’d be in the clear? Do they only really know about AAS use cuz of hormone levels and ratios? Or is there more to it? Thanks in advance.

Google is your friend.

Super helpful… that’s the obvious and has already been googled. but there’s a vast population of people here with great knowledge that could sure shoot it straight without combing thru more articles than I already looked thru

I agree there is a great community here with a vast amount of knowledge. BUT, you dont want to have to do the work and comb through all them articles. You want another short cut.

First question, Is the drug test specifically for gear or just narcotics? If its for gear, then 3-4 months

But the thing is I am asking because I DID comb through and research and couldn’t piece things together well enough to feel satisfied with an answer. From my understanding, after on single injection my numbers will not be skewed for very long and that won’t really cause a problem. It’s the metabolite from EQ that takes a long time to metabolize out of the body and that is what is the factor that makes EQ detectable for a prolonged period of time. So if someone wanted to drug test for PED’s, is the normal test going to be hormone levels and the test to epi test ratio or is it going to be a test for metabolites?