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Test E, Eq, Dbol Cycle


I did my first cycle last year of test e(500mg for 4weeks) and dbol (50mg for 2weeks) and was quite fine with my gains, im a small framed guy and i fight in the lower 135lb classes. so basically, im not big. although i think i have good lifting averages (squat is 345lbs, dl 355lbs and bench is 220lbs while military press is 145lbs)

i now weigh 158lbs at a bodyfat of more or less 12-15% im not ripped and i like to maintain my size.

im planning my second cycle of

test enanthate (500mg/week for 8weeks tapering of before pct)
eq (im not really sure how to use this, just thinking of adding it for its endurance capabilities, so any advice how to add it is very much welcome)
dbol (50mg for 4weeks)

clomid of 50mg/day for 3weeks 2weeks after my last shot

my questions are:
1. should i frontload the test e?
2. how do i exactly add eq to the cycle effectively? 400mg? 500mg? sorry, if i dont seem to research on this, but there are various conflicting statements regarding eq.
3. is dbol ok as a kickstarter? or should i go for anavar?
4. add hcg? i dont have gyno issues but should i still add arimidex?
5. is clomid enough or should i add nolva?

thank you for anyones time.


i really wanted to help you, but the more i read the more pissed i got. you have ZERO knowladge about AAS AND PCT.
all the questions you asked, has been answered many MANY times, no spoon feeding here.

you MUST do your research, show use that you atleast have 65% knowladge and then anyone here would be more than glad to help you


im just wondering, which pissed you off?

look man, i was just asking these questions to clarify the things that i know, which some could be wrong and right, as you know, as plenty of the right information, there are conflicting ideas about it too.. i never pretended to be an expert nor do i think that i am one. after all, i am only planning my second cycle. btw, knowledge is spelled as "KNOWLEDGE" not as "KNOWLADGE"

1st question: some advices to frontload in order to help kickstart the test enth that usually kicks in the 3rd week of the cycle. but there are conflicting ideas about saying that it will shut down your natural test immediately. that is why im asking

2nd question: some say its better to up the load of eq some say its better to use a dosage of 300-500mg thats why im asking other people's opinion in this site.

3rd question: im asking this coz i want to use dbol as a kickstarter also and if there are other suggestions.

4th question:well it is what is, others say use hcg while on cycle and others say use after cycle, so im asking,

-look, im sorry if i offended you, i didnt mean to be.


Its heavily apparent you did not read the stickied threads that are designed to answer these questions, but instead opted to make a thread so someone would save you the effort.

That in itself is very common, however the way your post is worded it sounded as if you pretended to simply be asking for clarification, implying you already knew the accepted method, and simply were asking for differing opinions.

Do you really need to spare your ego online ? If you need help ask for it, we recognize a new user when we see one.

Your stats are horrible, simply because you fight as a featherweight is little excuse to be using AAS at 150 pounds and above 10% bodyfat. Unless your 5'4 or so, move up a weight class, and try eating something.

Hence his annoyance.


ok THANK YOU for letting me know that i have a spelling mistake.

bottom line, all these questions were answered before on this website. if you were not lazy, you would have found your answers.

good luck with your second cycle, oh how much did you weigh again, oh 158lbs

if its your second cycle and you weigh 158lbs, then there must be something wrong with me

P.S how old are you?


dude, you dont know how i came thru with my 158lbs bodyweight so ask me first. im trying to be polite and really asking for information. you have no idea where i came from or my training regimen. anyway, im 28years old.

i am only 5'5" and i am an mma fighter fighting at the 135lb weight class and go as low at the 129lbs fighting weight class. started boxing and wrestling at 105lbg minimum weight class. i powerlift at the 132lbs weight class. how long have you been training may i ask?

look man, im not looking to have an argument here over something so small. if you think i need more research, then ill do that. just dont go trying to bash me when i am clearly asking a legit question and being polite to anyone who would care to tell me what i should do. thanks again for your time.


But its not polite to try to get someone else to do all your work for you. Thats shirking: it won't get you far on AAS or in MMA.

Also, your proposed 'cycle' is not geared to keep your weight constant, which you would need if you wanted to fight 129. Thats why people thought your results were weak: you have a mass building cycle (indicating you were interested in mass) but you only weight 158.


now that i reread my posts, i guess i let my ego got in the way and did what i despise others do. Fight in the forums. Anyway, i would like to apologize for the posts and somewhat egostistical attitude and i will reread the stickied posts here. Thank you for everyone that took the time to reply.


What I'm trying to figure out is why would you run Test E for four weeks? It kicks in at the 3-4 week mark. Either you're lying or you got some bunk shit because you'd be asking how to restore your natural test production with a bullshit cycle like that.