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Test E EQ Dbol Cycle PCT


29 years old
233 pounds
16% BF

I am looking to start a new cycle and wanted some advice on PCT.

Test E 300mg 2 X W week 1-10 total of 600mg/week
EQ 300mg 2 X W week 1-10 total of 600mg/week
Dbol 40mg ED week 1-5

I have HCG, Nolva, Arimidex on hand. Will this be good enough or should I get something else, also when and where to use.



hcg and adex should be taken on cycle, not during pct. Do nolva 40/40/20/20 for pct. also, i would advise getting to a lower bf before starting.


Arimidex SHOULD be taken during PCT. It should be tapered off during pct.

Again, why do you insist on posting stuff that isnt 100% accurate?


Im thinking of doing a similar cycle in a couple of weeks. When would PCT start for this type of cycle? Should you wait 3 weeks after the last EQ pin due to its longer halflife? So PCT would be Nolva 40/40/20/20 starting week 14? Alternatively, could one stop pinning EQ at the end of Week 9 and start PCT at week 13?


Although Nolva reduces the effects of Adex, I still take my Adex up till and during PCT. During cycle 0,5mg EOD or ED depending and during PCT something like 0,25mg EOD or E3D.


Sorry for the highjack but I'm planning on running a similar cycle and have a few questions on EQ.

  1. Would it be a bad idea to run EQ for just 9 weeks, and test E for 10 weeks to allow the EQ ester to clear at the same time as when test E clears?
  2. Has anyone run EQ for just 9 or 10 weeks at 400mg (stacked w test E 600mg) with good results?
  3. Any bad experiences with EQ as regards sides?

Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.



Your pct questions can be answered in the SERM sticky.

HCG should be used during the cycle.


No, not a bad idea at all.

Run a search for info on the other questions


OP: EQ doesn't agree with me, I've tried using EQ 3 times from 3 totally separate sources and each time it gave me skin irritation which started to clear up on termination of use. I believe I am in a minority though regarding EQ and the side effects which it causes me; I seem to be pre disposed to skin irritation, unfortunately.

I do know of people who have used EQ with test at the ratio you mention (including one very eminent poster in this forum) who are very pleased with their results. I have heard several people say 400mg test and 40mg EQ a week yields greater gains in size and strength for them than say, 800mg test alone a week.

I hope this helps, good luck...


So here is what I?m looking at running. I would appreciate peoples comments or alterations if you have them as I have never ran this cycle and am trying to get ready by summer. Thanks for your input.

Test E 300mg 2 X W week 1-10 total of 600mg/week
EQ 300mg 2 X W week 1-10 total of 600mg/week
Dbol 40mg ED week 1-5
HCG 250iu ED week 1-15
Adex .5mg EOD week 1-10 , .25mg week 11-14
Nolva week 14-18
Hydrochlorothiazide week 10-18 (shed water weight)
Phentermine 37.5mg week 10-18 (curve appetite)