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Test E / Eq Cycle


Ok so im 21 and im looking to begin my first real cycle. I have tried prohormones in the past including halodrol. I've also ran a cycle of p-mag which i also enjoyed. While i did respond great to these compounds increasing both muscle strength, size, and losing bodyfat i was just not able to hold onto as much gains as i would have liked to. (and yes i did perform proper pct with proper diet and sleep throughout the cycle in both cases). Therefor this is the cycle i was looking to run as my first:

Weeks1-10: Test E 500mg/week, Equipoise 400mg a week with 25mg clomid EOD ...(nolva and letro on hand if sides occur)
Week 11 500mg Test E and 25mg clomid EOD
Weeks 12& 13 25mg clomid EOD
Week14 100mg clomid 40mg nolva ED
Week15 75mg clomid 30mg nolva ED
Week16 50mg clomid 20mg nolva ED
Week 17 25mg clomid 20mg nolva ED
after that i may continue another week of either clomid or nolva( not sure which would be better).
Now the reason i want to run clomid throughout is because it keeps your boys going throughout the cycle and i have asked if this is effective and i have received all possitive output ( dorian yates was noted for running clomid thoughout his cycles). Also the reason i do not want to run a test only cycle is because most people tend to lose gains while after discontinueing a test cycle. This is mainly due to low quality muscle and bloat and i have heard from a number of other formus that EQ can help with this problem. Overall though i wasnt sure how this looked to you guys? too detailed or what? any input would be appreciated i just wanna really try with this cycle to hold onto as many gains as i can. Thankyou for all advise


You will be told to use hcg instead of clomid

you will be told to run EQ for at least 12 weeks

you will most likely be told your pct is overkill

you will be told wether you retain your gains or not depends mostly on your training and diet

you will most likely be told to use adex during cycle

but I will personally not recommend or tell you anything, as im no expert


if i ran the EQ for 12 weeks i would have to lower the dosage. would that still be more effective tho? also should i start it a week b4 the test then?


Frontload the EQ. 600mg your first week, take that 200 out of your last week. Don't dilute the entire cycle. Plan your cycle before you buy your gear next time. :wink:


i know i realize that now that its too late lol thanks alot man should i run the eg 2 weeks before i start the test then? or run test 12 weeks as well?


I take it you have 2 10ml 200mg/ml vials of EQ? I'd just go with the 10 wks you're planning. Run 600 the first week, 200 the last week, and 400 for the 8 in the middle.


yeah thats exactly wat i have lol i was thinking of either run 10 weeks or taper down to get the full 12 weeks. which would be more effective though as far as KEEPING the gains you make. im really looking for quality mass and am hoping to keep a majority of it.


you won't get 10 x 1ml shots from a 10ml vial, there's usually wastege with every shot. I usually get 9. So i'd recommend another vial.