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Test E/EQ Cycle, PCT and AI Questions


Age: 24
Height: 6â??2â??
Weight: 240 lbs
BF%: 14-16%
Proposed 12 week cycle (first cycle)
Test E: w 1-12 600 mg per week (2x300mg per week)
EQ: w 1-10 600mg per week (2x300mg per week)
PCT: w 15-18? (Nolva?, Clomid?)
Supplemented with: fish oil, multivitamin, creatine, whey, casein, waxy maize, weight gainer, caffeine
Nutrition: 5-6k cal. per day. 300-350 gram protein. Moderate carbs, moderate fat.
Training: 5 day split- (chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms, rest, rest)
1RM's: Bench-370 Squat-430 Dead-545
Goal is to gain and retain 10 pounds of mass.

I have my supply of Test and EQ for this cycle. I also have Nolva and Clomid on hand.
I am looking for advice on a proper PCT for this cycle. And the weekly breakdown on dosages. I have been trying to do the research, but I would really like some opinion from vets on here as to what would be best for me in this case.
Also, do I need to be taking an AI through this cycle? or do I need to just have it on hand? If so, dosage?
Any other criticism and/or help with this cycle would be appreciated.


If your goal is to keep 10 lbs of mass, for your first cycle, you'd be best off using 500 (or 600)mg of test for 8-10 weeks.

However, the above cycle you have isn't a bad one, I just think you could get away with less.

Anyway, whether or not you keep the EQ, add an AI (from the first/second week of the cycle), shorten the cycle to 8 or 10 weeks and frontload it.

As for PCT, nolvadex at 40/40/20/20 works. (I may have even seen 40/20/20/20 recommended here before, no?) Start this two weeks after your last injection. If you run the EQ, it may need to be stopped a week before the test due to EQ having a longer ester... double check that, though, I could be wrong.

Also, i'd replace the waxy maize with l-leucine and eat a preworkout meal to get your carbs in, then whey with leucine post workout.

Also, I'd switch that lifting program to something like

legs, shoulders, rest, back, chest, arms, rest...

But that's just me


I will be running a cycle very close to that soon. Maybe 2 weeks longer on both the EQ and the test. I would love to hear some input on PCT with just Nova and Clomid as I am unable no get my hands on HCG.


If your running EQ dont shorten cycle to only 8 weeks....