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Test-e/eq Cycle Log


hey everyone, new to this board but been following it for sometime as I like how everyone is supportive. To start this out... this is my 2nd cycle. I will be running:

test e: 500mg/week. 1-12weeks
eq: 400mg/week. 1-12weeks

have letro, nolva, and clomid on hand for pct. I am prone to gyno so will keep letro close if symptoms flare up.

stats: 6'3''
177 lbs
yes I know i'm skinny, i hit my plateau, so introduced aas.

My first cycle was over 3 years ago and was test cyp at 400mg/week for 12 weeks. gained almost 20lbs. I've been into exercsing for 8 yrs but got into weight lifting seriously 4 yrs ago. I was a scrawnny white kid, worked out serious for a year, hit a plateau and started aas. I got to 200 lbs, but came down with west nile virus bout 2 yrs ago, my weight dropped down to 145 lbs, unable to really move or have any energy for a year afterwards.

So bout a year ago, I took up weight lifting again, naturally, hit a plateau at 175, so here I am....

my diet consists of 4000-5000 cal/day.

My goal is to bulk up but also keep some vascularity. if I had to choose one, bulk up so I will up my calories coming up soon. hopefully the eq appettite kicks in.

I actually started with my first two shots almost a week ago on june 9th, 2009.
stats right now: 177lbs, 6'3'', 13%bf. waist at 34 in..
seems most my weight is in my upper body, since i got them lady chicken legs. I plan on workin legs hardcore.

well enough with this novel, kind of nervous since its been awhile pinnin myself. I use 20 guage to draw and 25 to shoot. I have 25 gauge 5/8 and 1 in length. will use 5/8 for quads and 1" for glutes. but its wasn't that bad for my first couple of shots. shot eq 200(2cc for a total of 400mg) into my right quad, no injection pain and surprisingly i had no post pain, walked fine and everything. wierd huh?

Then it came to the test e at 350 mg/ml. loaded up 500 mg worth in the syringe, and started to get nervous, clammy hands and shaky hands. I was expecting the test e to hurt since it has a high mg/ml. I figured it would hurt and maybe burn. I was an uncomfortable shot, hurt going in but no burning. I then quickly pulled out the dart and the a little bit of blood squirted out as if it was off kill bill. it quickly stopped bleedding. the funny thing is I didn't have much post injectio pain at all. wierd?

other wierd thing was when I shot the eq, it seemed about 20 min later, my heart started to beat hard through my chest and lasted for a couple hours or something. is this usual for eq?

but I'll be here posting my results, with workout routine, diet and etc. Hopefully it all goes well. If anything sounds suspect, plz advise, i'm here to learn.


Don't wait for sides before incorporating letro.

The heart beat thing was probably just nerves. As you get in back in the injecting grove, that and the blood works should become an amusing memory.

How old are you? I think your stats are going to get most of the attention on this thread.


eh, EQ to me was like expecting an awesome present for your birthday only to get a mere Hallmark card. 6'3 & 177lbs? I agree with DH, more info is needed. God speed


Congrats on piling 155 pounds of LBM on to your 6'3" frame. That's quite the accomplishment and frankly I'm surprised you got that jacked; most people never reach their natural limit...



Sorry dude, you can do whatever you want to with your body, but the attitude implied with this statement is a joke. A big fucking joke, and you're laughable for having posted that.


LMAO! Hi-five BONEZ!


what u trying to say? i already figured I would get most of the attention on my stats. also figured i'd have some chime in but shit happens. i'm 24 yrs old. I felt I got close to my natural limit so introduced aas not because I wanted to build muscle, but because I liked the lifestyle change, eating near perfectly and cutting out almost all harmfull substances. so here I am.


I should rephrase my above statement before I get some more negative feedback. of course I want to gain muscle mass as well as enjoy the added benefit of living healthy as can be. And I know you should be doing this all day everyday, not just when you run a cycle.

What other stats do you need? i'm confused


At 6'2 I hit 208 at 10% before I took the leap. I turned every stone I could before I loaded the firt CC


thanx verdades. I wish I had good genetics. i'll admit, my first cycle, i was unprepared and not ready. I feel I turned every stone till i took this leap. It was a year ago when i decided to get back into it, ready myself, research, research and more research till i was ready. I got all the necessary gear ready and did my best in reaching my strongest point naturally. I did plan this for awhile, once I felt I was ready, i took the plunge but maybe most will frown on my (with my stats) decision to start aas. I'm here to better myself and maybe get some advice as well as let ya'll know how my cycle is going...


Okay, my first post was a bit aggressive, but I'm going to tell you something: you haven't 'turned every stone,' not even close.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't go ahead with this cycle. And I'm not saying you're not ready to cycle, which many will argue. IMO, that's a very personal decision that I can't make for you... even in light of your 'stats.'

Good luck with this cycle, and I wish you the best in your training.


The bottom line is that you are already in. We can poke fun at your stats but that won't change a damn thing. Keep on posting educated questions and we will answer them.


thanx for your input whoa, i'm in a different league nowadays, i'm open for constructive criticism hahah. 4-5 yrs down the road...230lbs 13% bf is my goal. looking forward to ya'lls input thruout this

my second week starts in two days i'll post.

Don't you think letro is a lil extreme to run throughout my cycle?


bench- 225 4-6 reps
squat- 225 5-8 deep reps


I often think that the opinion of many on the 'optimum' size to be before starting AAS is a little harsh.. that is, often people expect others to be at a certain point before starting, but as someone that started training at around 125lbs (approx. 5'7"), i know that sometimes some of us have it harder than others.

That said, while this is a view i hold - you are REALLY light (for your height) and i truly believe (from experience) that if you cant get to nearer 190-200lbs at 6'3" (even with upto 15%) naturally, then you will struggle to make continuous gains after a little time on AAS - this is simple, the reason is FOOD.

Food is truly the most anabolic factor in bodybuilding, all the training, drugs and supplements in the world wont grow you without food, whilst food alone will make you grow (its just without training, much of the 'growth' will be fat!)

The reason people think there needs to be a certain level of size before AAS use is a confused view of the fact that AAS give the best results in trained individuals rather than untrained. I would assume this is due to a larger amount of androgen receptors, but this is a guess. It could also be due to any hyperplasia that has occurred - as some would have over the years.
It is wholly possible to be highly trained and 170lbs at 6'3".. but to suggest you have reached your natural limit is insulting to any poster here who knows the reality of 'natural limit'.

Any of us could spend a lifetime chasing our natural limit, and while we would end up gaining as little as a couple of pounds a year (see any natural pro BB) we would still not be at the 'limit'.. see?

Hitting a plateau is not the sign that AAS are finally needed.. if you want to use them, fine - i do too.. but at least have the balls to admit you don't need them, but you want them.



well brook, thank you, for my size, food is going to be a major contributor to gains, I have adjusted my caloric intake, from around 4000 to 6500 day. Been consuming 6000-6500 for 6 days now and have went from 177 to 180. I'm going to have to start dottin my i's and crossing my t's. When I said I hit my limit, I should of said it was alot more difficult for me to push past that weight. I am on it already, therefore I chose to run it or else I wouldn't be wanting to stick pins in me everyweek.


What do you eat to manage 6500 calories? I am just always curious about what people eat.


Brook had a very constructive post there, but I wanted to have a word too. Those stats... Add to that you're 6'3'' @170lbs. The only thing you need is a rich diet and heavy lifting, no need for aas in my opinion, until you got covered those two things mentioned. Brook is right, start eating man and most importantly start taking that lifting seriously before any aas. You aren't going to make notable gains with aas, if you don't understand what means to train heavy and eat right.


ur right hellfish, I know it may not seem like much, but thats heavy for me. I go heavy but keep good form. I am working to improve my technique on bench. reg squats avg: 300lbs 4-5 reps.

I managed eating alot more by drinking alot more weight gaining shakes. I now down around 2000 cals and 100 grams of protein of shakes right before I go to bed. its tought but I want to up it more later. I live a fairly sedentary lifestyle so the only strenuous exercise I do for the day is lifting.

its tuesday and finished injections for week 2:

180 lbs, gained 3 lbs since begining but thats due to FOOD and prolly water weight.
strength is same as I am not expecting much for another few weeks.

the shot of test e went into my left quad and was a little uncomfortable but went fine.
The shot of EQ not so well. I aspirated and drew blood, so started over with new pin, after that went perfect.

this is probably a wierd question. Why doesn't the TEST-E at 350mg/ml burn or hurt more? post injection pain=nothing. I always thought testosterone with high mg/ml would be more painful especially combined with burning due to its BA %. Thought you would have to mix a higher percentage of BA in order to sustain a higher mg/ml?


I suspect you are mis-calculating your caloric intake - as many do on this site IME.

For example, 100g of protein is 400kcals.. a generic weight gainer shake is usually approx. 500kcals.. and while in theory it is 'simple' to add 2-4 of those a day.. there is the small problem of when you DO, you end up reducing any other intake as you simply cannot stomach it.

At 6'3" it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to eat 5000kcals.. but not at your weight. 170lbs = very little metabolic tissue, but assuming you are ecto-morphic in stature (tall, slim with fast metabolism and low bodyfat) you will be able to put away more food before gaining weight.

That said, i would be surprised if 4000kcals did not gain weight for you.

A good trick to increase caloric intake with shakes ISNT using them inbetween meals, as you will simply end up skipping meals! It is downing them after a meal. Start low.. eat a lot of food, have regular small meals, and never be hungry. Have half a shake after each meal, - there is zero point downing an extra '2000kcals' if 1) you end up removing the calories from elsewhere, or 2) you can only manage it for 4-7 days!
Add small amounts, every few days, this way your intake will be easier, controllable, fat gain will be less and you will actually be able to keep it up.

To show you why 6500kcals looks odd to me (it may be spot on - it isnt impossible), lets make some vast assumptions that your diet was bourne of excess -

If you ate 2g/lb protein (2g/lb when natural is a WASTE - one can only synthesize protein at a specific maximal rate and 2g/lb is simply not necessary IME - 1g/lb is ample for a natural trainee), then 340g protein = 1360kcals.
If you ate 3g/lb carbs, then 510g carbohydrate = 2040kcals.
If you ate 1g/lb fat (far too high with the carb level, but this is to show an excess bulking diet for your size, compared to your forecast of 6500kcals) then, 170g fat = 1530

This totals just under 5000kcals.. and is waaay over what you need to gain size - you'd gain weight with these ratio's i'm sure.. but mostly fat.
For a 170lb man to eat 500g carbs, 350g protein and near 200g fat.. i am confident the experience would not be pleasant.

Try starting near 4000kcals.. work it out properly, on paper or online (www.fitday.com).

Eat around 1.5g/lb protein, 3.5g/lb carbs and 0.5g/lb fat

250g/1020kcals Protein
600g/2380kcals Carbohydrate
85g/ 765kcals Fat

Do this, and increase gradually by 250-500kcals a day, maybe weekly or so.. depending on the scales and mirror.



Thank you brook for going into detail. It may be a lil short of 6500, its tough to consume that much, thats for sure. especially tough to eat regular food. So i'll cut back on the shakes.

And as you said, I consume a shake after meals like breakfast, lunch, and late dinner. I should clarify, I don't drink an extra protein shake on top of the weight shake. I ment, theres 100 g/protein in that shake, so a total of about 2000 cals(thats including the milk i mix it with).

I have experienced alot of weight gain recently, but my stomach can't handle that much for too much longer so i'll gradually raise it from the 4500 cal/day mark. Since I am a a hardgainer, I have to do everything right when it comes to FOOD, TRAINING, and AAS.