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Test E, EQ and Proviron Cycle Help?

I have used gear before, i am 25 years old.

Weight: 87/KG

Height: 1.90cm

I would like to build lean muscle without a lot of fat.

Hello Everyone this is the cycle that i would like to do next, and i would like to know if i have done it correctly including the PCT.

Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks!

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That is SERM overkill for PCT. Stick with the tamoxifen only. I’m not a fan of front loading test either. You will need to wait need to wait a good bit after your last shot to start PCT. @Singhbuilder @unreal24278 How long should he wait for PCT? Not sure how EQ affects this and its half life is mega long.

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LOL! Must be a troll. Over a Gram of Test. and all the other nonsense.
You been in an olympia line up? Ronnie, that you?


Aside from the front load I don’t really consider that an overly aggressive cycle. But I know you advocate lower doses. What are your thoughts on PCT timing with the EQ? I only ran it once, didn’t like it, and I no longer PCT due to TRT. So I was curious as to the experts thoughts on timing.


EQ has a half life of about 14 days. Multiply 5 half life cycles and that would take about 70 days to clear the body for PCT to begin.

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You must be stocky AF. I am 94 times as tall as you. Joke done.

I don’t think I would front load. If you do front load, I think it makes more sense to do it with the EQ as it has the longer half life.

I would run the test three weeks past the EQ, and start the PCT 3 weeks after your last test shot.

What is the Proviron for? I don’t think it will add a whole lot (will make you hornier if that is an issue on cycle).

If you half 400 five times you would have effectively a dose of 12.5 mg of EQ at that time (70 days after last 400 mg shot). I don’t think you need to the effective dose be that low for PCT to work. I would think at 3 half lives (effective dose 50 mg) you could start PCT, as PCT is several weeks.

Might be bro science, but I can’t see a recommendation of waiting 10 weeks to start PCT as good advice. I am open to evidence if it exists.

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Thanks guys for the advice!