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Test E Dosage Question


Hey guys, I recently started a Test E cycle. My buddy recommended that I do two injections a week, at 250mg. My Test is 500mg/ml so I would only be injecting half each time. I am one week in, and my question is would it be okay to switch to once a week at 500mg now? If so, should I skip my next 250mg injection and do the 500 one week from last pin? Thanks


500mg/ml test e? Sounds funky to me lol.

If you are asking a question like this god only knows if you are running an ai, hcg and a good pct plan in place… care to share your cycle plan?

Just pin 500mg per week… it doesnt matter how.


you are 23 years old and on gear? you are an idiot.


Lol I think you will find I am 24.

And don’t worry about me pal, lifes good my end :+1:t3::sunglasses:


ohhh sorry 24, nevermind then. smh


Just out of curiosity, what makes someone an idiot for using gear at 23? What age so you consider non idiotic?

You could be a 54yr old noob who trains and eats shit with the odd un planned cycle here and there with 0 progress made… which would be more idiotic than myself, a 24yr old whos passion, enthusiasm and life long physique and career goals are directly in line with steroid use.


I hope you are trolling. What do they teach you tards over in England?


ahhh a “troll” ok…


Maybe chill brother? At no point did you answer any concerns he presented you (pct, AI, hcg) and started bashing him for taking at his age. Might he be young for what guys like shadowpro and flip might consider as ready to go on cycle? Sure, but you don’t sound any better prepared, worse so even if you honestly have to post a thread asking about literally the most basic steroid cycle you can find on this forum.


if it’s so basic, why hasn’t it been answered? And my point is, I do not need advise from someone who shouldn’t even be on gear.


The moron hasn’t even heard of 500mg Test and is criticizing others lol


lol it’s called sarcasm brother, he was throwing it at you because 500mg a week of test e pinned a couple days apart is the most common and basic cycle you can run. He probably replied like that because it was such a basic question you came off sounding like a troll.


But to go ahead and answer the question, you can do a single pin a week but it is recommended to split into 2 250mg pins because it allows your levels to remain stable and elevated throughout the cycle whereas with one pin there is the chance of your levels dipping in the day or 2 before your next pin meaning the cycle could be less effective. It wont jack you up any more than 2 pins would, but it’s either the same, or a worse cycle, there is no benefit to it unless you absolutely 100% cannot split the pins for some reason.


keep the dose split up. one big dose is more apt to lead to increase estrogen aromatization, as well as the aforementioned issues…


you’re right it is the most common cycle, but mostly at 250mg not 500mg. Thank you for answering the question. I heard the PIP is far greater on 500mg, hence wanting to only do it once a week.


Thank you!! I appreciate the feedback


250mg a week is closer to trt level doses so yes you’d see some benefit but every beginner cycle you will find on here for supraphysiological doses will usually always start with a dose of 500mg split between 2 pins per week as a base and go up from there.


Cool, I will stick with twice a week at 0.5cc every 3.5 days. The only reason I ask, is bc most videos i’ve watched, it seemed that a lot more than 0.5cc was being injected. It must of been a much lower concentration. Thanks for the replies


weird thread.

Ok, a few things.

  1. To Kyle and Mopar: 23 or 24 is definitely not too young. You would expect most professional athletes to start then, perhaps even younger. Certainly in the bodybuilding world, this isn’t extraordinarily young. It can be too young for someone who lacks maturity or understanding or a lifting background, but not someone like Andy. All you have to do is look at his picture to know he’s done well for himself. Hell, I’ve recommended to an 18 year old to do a cycle under the right circumstances. 18 is the lowest I would ever go, btw.

  2. test at a concentration of 500mg/ml is VERY unusual. That is indeed why you generally see people injecting more CC’s, because nobody is using T500. I would say most that I’ve seen is anywhere from 250-300. It’s much harder to stabilize the compound at such a high concentration. For you to say that Andy is a ‘moron’ for being skeptical about the concentration is really wrong on your end. I would be skeptical too. You never see that in many countries. It’s just really rare.