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Test E Disaster. Can Sust Save my Cycle?

Hey guys, I’m 2/3 my cycle of 600mg/wk Test E and 400mg/wk Deca. Everything is going great, until this afternoon when I drew from my 3rd bottle. I’ll never get a bottle like this again because I don’t even know what went wrong, I drew like any other time and the cap popped off and I watched 1/3 of my test e fall to the floor.

But that sad story is not the point of my post. My roommate said he could possibly save my cycle by giving me his bottle of Sust he’s had. The question I’ve come to ask is, can my body go right into absorbing the test blend from the Enth I’ve had loaded. Can this save my cycle?

Just been a baaaadddd day and I’m looking to see if this can be my glimmer of hope. Thanks in advance guys.

yes, it can hold you over until you get another bottle of enth, test is test, the only difference between enth and sus is that sus is a blend so it has short, medium, and long acting esters.