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Test-E/Dianabol 12 Week Cycle. PCT?

I’m looking to do my first cycle, have been lifting heavy weights and following bulking work out for 11months based on high carbs / protein diet 5 days a week, protein and creatine. After 11months damn hard work and dedication gained only 4 kilos mass as I’m pretty skinny build. Manager to get some Test E finally and Dianabol 10mg, researched that 500mg Test E / wk for 12 weeks and Dianabol first 6 weeks is a solid gain? Anyone can confirm this is the right way to go? Read a lot of articles but not sure which one to trust… also PCT for the Test E cycle? I’m probably stupid but having trouble understating the basic straight foward PCT names and cycle guidelines… any help appreciated… don’t want to just jump in without knowing more.

First of all you’re not stupid - you are smart to come to a trustworthy forum to get informed before starting your first cycle.
If you post a picture I can give you the best advice.
Building muscle takes time - if you put on 4 kilos of actual muscle mass in a year that’s actually not too bad (if you want to post before and after photos I can also give some feedback on that if you’d like).

Cycle aside, when I read what you are currently doing, I see that you’re not taking intraworkout nutrition…Plazma alone will help you gain mass (especially if you are naturally skinny since it is an easy way to get quality calories and ensure that your workouts aren’t putting you into a position where you’re burning what you have by being in a catabolic state) and recover more efficiently. Micro-PA is also a product that can help add mass.
As for a cycle - you’re not too far (again I can provide better advice if you post photos). What I would do is:
Test E: 12 weeks 500mg/week (divided into 250 ideally but not necessary)
Arimadex: 0.5mg every 2nd or 3rd day (if you have side effects then 2 days)
DBol (first cycle it’s optional - you can just do test): start with 20mg per day and bump 10mg per week for 6-8 weeks
HCG: 250iu twice per week

Two full bottles of Alpha Male
Nolvadex: 4 weeks - 40/20/20/10
HCG: 4 weeks - 1000/500/250/250

Let me know if you have questions

Sorry to steal the thread, but I see you always recommend alpha male, is that more of a supplement for mood when coming off? I know I’ve used trib for mood elevation.

Hi Shadow, really appreciated your reply, thank you heaps. Does really put me in much better direction, only thing I don’t have access to the HCG where I am. Only the test and the Anabol I have on my shelf,

If I didn’t use the HCG during the cycle and used it only during the PCT would be ok? As I will have a trip to Thailand to get some more gear after 2 months into the cycle.

Shadow can I ask with the PCT below again would that be effected with your the HCG?

I’m working on photos for my profile, would really appreciate also if you could take a look at the progress and it would be great for your advice!

Thanks again Shadow, you really helped me out!

It can help with mood as well (higher testosterone does usually lead to a better mental state), but the main goal is to help boost your own testosterone levels or to restore natural production when you’re coming off of a cycle. To be honest I love this product - it has saved me a lot of grief coming off cycle.

Yes I would still use HCG during PCT even if you didnt have it available during your cycle.
This is not ideal but better than not using it at all.
If this is the case - at least use Alpha Male during the cycle to help keep some natural production.

Pictures - yes I’m available to help with feedback. Please post them here or on my thread so that I can see them if you’d like me to take a look.

Did I answer all your questions? (there may be one additional question in the middle that I didn’t understand).