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Test E Detection Time?

Hello everyone! I am going to join my country’s army sf in a few months, but there is going to be a selection based on athletic performance as well. This includes running 2 miles at 13 min 20 sec (this gives you full points) 15+ wide grip pull ups, 60 pushups in two minutes and 60 crunches in two minutes, these are the biggest values you can achieve, but still if you do more the odds will favor you. So I was cutting hard, I can do all of the above now etc, but I would still like to have an edge over the others, because the positions are really limited, and for aesthetic reasons as well.
I have 20mls of test e 250mg/ml, at first I was thinking of running a 10 week cycle at 500mg a week, but I think that this will drive my T/E ratio over 4:1 and will raise suspicions and have me tested for steroids.
I know they do not test for steroids in the regular blood and urine tests, just general health indicators and drug abuse.
The applications will begin early december probably so I’ll have one to one and a half month after that until I’m going to have bloods taken and do the pt tests.
So the question is should I run a lower dose like 250-300mg a week for 8 to 10 weeks only, as to not raise suspicions?
I’ve seen that test e metabolites in urine are detectable up to 3 months after last injection.
What do you suggest? Should I run prop for a shorter cycle?
Any feedback appreciated
Oh and I’ve run cycles before, this is not my first cycle

If they arent testing for steroids why not blast for a few weeks then lower your dose 3-4 weeks out from your physical?

Go 500mg for 8ish weeks then drop to less than 200. It takes about 5 weeks for your body to fully saturate test and get the benefits from it

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What use would a 500mg blast be for what are essentially endurance and aerobic performance tests? 500mg would be better for more mass, but 300mg would most likely be better for performance. Check out table 5 in this study. Either way, if I could meet the performance objectives without cycling, I would do that. If you get accepted, will you be able to PCT? Something to consider.

This should be of no concern. In the role you are gunning for, (pun intended) performance should be all that matters IMO.

Thanks a lot for the input. I will aim for ~300mg a week. Yes I will be able to pct even if i get selected , since there will be almost a month between the pt test and us starting to get into the military, until all paperwork is finished. My pct consists of pharma nolva 20/20/10/10