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Test-e, Deca, Piss Test


Looks like im gonna be getting tested for roids, was not expecting this but it appears to be in the making. So my question is "does anybody know of any over the counter compounds that might mimic these?" Something I could simply say Ive been taking this! Dought it, im aware deca is like 18 month wait so probably screwed but thought id ask.


I'd say you are pretty much screwed. Perhaps you could say you were taking some legal prohormone or some shit but I doubt they'd buy it.


What is your profession ? What kind of testing procedures are we talking about here ?

Test is pretty difficult to test for, deca....you might be shit out of luck.

Are you currently on cycle ? If so what ? If not how long since you have been off.

There are quite a few PHs that might pop as deca, not sure if they are legal still or not...so depending on the reason for your being tested, that would not help.


What job are they testing for AAS?

Try to find yourself a prescription immediately. Process will probably take a bit too long as you'd most likely need to let your levels crash, get tested, find a "doctor" that will accept your crashed level blood tests as a need for TRT, one that will prescribe you Nandrolone because of some horrible muscle wasting issue that you alone have, and then get the prescription and cross your fingers.


my boss knows whats going on its probation! the a good answer though not sure if I can pull it off, Ill give it a try though.


Iv herd of using a fake penis with a tube through it and a bag full of clean piss. I think its called the "wizzinator" or something like that, but they might be illegal. Im not sure if this will help you but it might give you an idea. Also herd of using a drug that cleans out your bladder called "AZO" or something like that. I got this info from a couple years ago so I'm not to sure if it is still liable. Just throwing out my 2cents.


Im not sure if this is BS, but someone told me giving blood will flush it out.. if someone knows anything about that, maybe clear up if there's some truth in it?


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Lol I get your point. I never meant just going blood once, but a lot over a short period.


I did something like this once, got a thick rubber band and strapped a cup with clean pee wrapped in a hot pad to my thigh.

You have to keep it warm. The cups they use have temperature strips on them (like an aquariums), if your pee isn't in the 90-98 degree range they will know you're trying to cheat.


Im not sure how you guys do that qoute thing but in response to westclock. Im not sure what kind of test it will be but its the cops that will be doing it so it might even be a blood test, who knows? Yeah im currently on cycle
test-e, 500mg/w
test-c, 500mg/w
deca, 600mg/w
So my levels are peaked right now, not sure when these cats are going to be getting at me but I plan on dropping the deca next pin, and im not sure what I should do about the test, im thinking maybe run it at 250 for 2 weeks, So I dont crash? Thats even if I have that much time!

As for the wizzinator! LOL I actually have one but its not gonna be an option this time they will be standing over my shoulder staring at my dick! Thats how these clowns get down! but thanks for the input


could this result in some jail time for ya??? If so Id be less worried about crashing and more worried about getting a pct started. But I dont know your timeline so that may be out of the question aswell. Sorry bro, that sucks.


Yeah after further consideration, I think your right! Im just gonna have to bite running anything the right way and just hope I can get my levels to drop soon. Guess I could always say I did deca 6 months ago if I can get my test levels way down, I dont know if it will work but its better than nothing. I can start PCT in 11 days!


Or just go back on cycle after to recover a bit.

Let everything crash, take the test, bit the bullet.

Gonna be rough son, best of luck.


Yeah could do that but I think ill pass on the eth and cyp, if im gonna mess around itll have to be short blasts of prop and ace!