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Test E, Deca, Dianabol Cycle - Help?



I am about to do a cycle of Test Enanthate ( 300mg/ml) Deca (250mg/ ml) Dianabol (10mg/ cap) over a 15 week period time. This is my third cycle and I was hoping on some feedback if my cycle seemed good enough ( obviously with a proper diet ) I am roughly 5'10, I weigh about 200 pounds, and have close to 7 % BF. I plan on doing my cycle like this:

Test Enanthate(300mg/ ml) - Week 1-15 (Mondays)
Deca (250mg/ml) - Week 1-10 (Thursdays)
Dianabol (10mg/ cap) - 3 caps a day - Week 1-8

How does that sound?
Thank you guys.





Sorry I will be doing it like this:

2ml of test (600mg)
2ml of deca (500mg)
3 tabs of dbol (10mg each)

I have Nolvadex from a previous cycle i havent used which are 20mg tabs - thinking about starting them around week 8 or 9 since its a bigger cycle ?

I have supplements like protein, milk thistle, zma, tribulus, multi vitamins and so forth.


Starting POST cycle therapy DURING the cycle makes not an ounce of sense.