Test-e, deca, d-bol, questions

Alright fella’s ive only been here a couple weeks but I have been reading the stickies, alot of stickies! I realize I made some mistakes with my cycle but nothing so dramatic I needed to stop. And honestly I probably read the answers to my questions already but just dont remember, or just didnt understand it when I read it…

So first mistake I made, I stacked two injectables on my first cycle-deca and test-e…Second mistake I made, I was anxouis and started my cycle before I had my Al and SERMs in hand. Third mistake I made, totally missed/read it and forgot/I dont know but I just found the stickie on prolactin and caber yesterday. So this is where im at…Im 37, been in and out of the gym since I was 15, Diet is OK approx 3500 calories a day right now, my wieght is 212…Ive been on cycle for 16 days…

BP D-bol W/1-5 40mg/ed
BP Test-e W/1-13 500mg/w 250E3D
Norma Deca W/1-11 400mg/w 200E3D both done together Mon night/Fri Morning
I may add a short estered test for weeks 14 and 15
Clomid W/16 ran for 25 days 100/100/50/50
Nolva W/16 ran for 30 days 20mg a day

So this is whats going on, Adex should have been here last week but the supplier made a mistake and wont be here till next week. I dont feel like im retaining water but I do feel bloated and its making it hard to eat, I think I read that that is from the D-bol and estrogen and the adex should take care of that. In the Al/SERM stickie something was mentioned about some Al need to build up in the body, is adex one of those Al’s? OK Caber, I dont believe this is an Al but I know I should be running it from right about now till I think 2 weeks before I stop the deca,

I have found a supplier but I read somewhere that certain Caber dont work, I think it said something like the pharma grade stuff? I cant remember, I guess what id like to find out is if anybody knows if this is a legit supplier of Cabor? OK I know this test-e should be kicking in here pretty soon, The UPIC codes checked out and im sure its legit what should I expect, well how will I know that it has kicked in? I probably should ask the same question for the deca. I know I shouldnt have stacked!

Another question I have is if the D-bol is bloating me would there be a problem with me stopping it for a couple weeks and then after I got adex in hand(oh yeah will be ran at .5mgEOD) starting it for another 3 weeks? which im thinking may even be more effective because the test will be at higher levels. You know I greatly appreciate all the info on this site and the time poeple have spent to help newbs like me out. If you gotta flame me then you gotta do it I can take it! two months ago the only thing I knew about steroids was the name deca and d-bol, to be perfectly honest with you my brain hurts.

Wow nobody? I was sure hoping to get a little feedback. I guess its back to the sticky’s :slight_smile: thanks for viewing anyways.