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Test E/Deca Cycle/PCT Advise Please

Hey guys,

This will be my second cycle.
My first cycle was very successful, 6 weeks of 500mg prop, in which I gained approx 20lbs.

Current stats are: 210lbs @ 15%. 5"8 or so.
Diet: 6-8 meals a day, high protein, medium fat/carbs.

Training: Based on basic compounds, some isolation work.
Goals: Bulk up heaps before summer cut.

This cycle I plan to run Test E and Deca.
My source has only got me enough for 500mg a week of Test E and 300mg a week of Deca. I hope to run the Test for 10 weeks, the Deca for 8 (I have researched and this is suggested not to be long enough, but my source has run dry on legit deca.) I also have unlimited Proviron on hand, but not sure how to implement it here?

I need PCT advise, I am getting conflicting views on how long to delay PCT on cessation of the cycle?

Any advise re cycle structure (particularly the prov) and pct would be much appreciated. Info regarding expected results would be nice too.

8 weeks Deca and 10 weeks test huh. Well its suboptimal with Deca for 8 but do-able. 500/300 is a perfect ratio, the one I used three times with great success so no worries there. Proviron if you can run at 50mg ED would be great. You can throw that in as early as you like. Probably won’t need it till week 3. Stop it with your last injection of test.

For PCT read thru the test taper sticky.

Thanks mate.
Yeah ideally I would run another 2 weeks of Deca (10 weeks) and 12 weeks of TEST. But it is very hard to find legit gear in Aus!

Proviron, will start week 3.
reading the test taper thread sticky now…

How were ur results on cycle?

Very nice. If you could find and add dbol you’d have the combo myself and so many others refer to as the trifecta.
I powerlift more than bodybuild but the strength increases were noticeable. I used to give Deca a lot of credit as a joint helper. But training smart helps just as much.

Hmmm i can get dbol but i don’t want to go overboard. (Bit much for a 2nd cycle maybe?)

Also re PCT, is it neccessary to taper? It is quite confusing. I was originally planning on hiting the Nolva 2 weeks after my last test shot?

The trifecta is a perfect choice for a second cycle.
Tapering is not necessary just preferred

Thanks for the advice man.
What would one use as PCT for this cycle without having to taper?

Will Nolva 40/30/20/10 be fine 2 weeks after last Test E shot?

Tapering is preferred in your, as in most, cases