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Test E/Deca Cycle Advice?

Hey guys,

I am about to start my 2nd cycle and just like to get some more informed opinions.

My first ever cycle was just straight test (sustanon) 500mg/week (split between two doses) for 12 weeks (and obviously a PCT protocol)

My next cycle I’m looking to bump it up a little and add a 2nd compound.

What I have available-

40ml Test E 250mg/ml
20ml deca Durabolin 200mg/ml

***I also have letrozole on hand Incase I need an AI, plus have my Pct ready to go which is clomid/nolva.

So my question-

What would be recommended length/dosing of both compounds?Taking into account my first cycle experience, and the longer ester compounds that I have.

Deca start or towards end of cycle? Run all compounds for 12 weeks? Or bump it up to 16 weeks? Test dosage? How long to run deca for?

Thanks in advance. Open to any suggestions/criticism

My stats

Age- 27

Height- 6’1

Weight - 103kg (226lbs)

Bf% roughly around 10-12%

10+ years training exp

Run the test and deca concurrently for 14 or 16 weeks (depending on how long you want to use the deca) then drop the it, continue with the test for another two, then drop it. Start pct two weeks later.

If you drop them both at the same time you’ll go into pct with two extra weeks of low/no test while the deca finishes unwinding. That’s not going to be fun. Better to stagger them.

Be careful with letro, it’s powerful and can crash your e2 very quickly.

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Thanks for your response. So if I’m running the deca for 14 weeks and planning on 2ml/ week, probably need to grab another vial…
or should I just run (roughly) 1.5ml a week for the full 14 weeks and maybe bump test up a bit to say 625mg/ week (2.5ml)

I believe what Iron is trying to say is you need to run Test 2 weeks longer than the Deca.
Therefore 12 weeks Deca and 14 weeks Test E. Followed by 2 weeks off. Then start of PCT.

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So you have 10000mg of test and 4000 of deca.

500 test for 20 weeks(10000) and 200 deca for 18 weeks(3600)

This is if you want to use it all up for this cycle.

If not, a better suggestion is 500 test for 12 weeks and 300 deca for 10 weeks.

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I guess where I was going with the q was should I do deca 2ml week for 10 weeks or 1.5ml for a long period of time (13 weeks)
I’ve decided I’ll go

Weeks 1-13
625mg Test
300mg deca

Weeks 14-16
500mg Test

Start PCT two weeks after last pin

Yea that looks good too.