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Test E Deca Blast

Just looking for some advice on my BnC.

Weeks 1-14 test E 600mg a week
Weeks 1-12 300mg Deca a week
I’ll take .5mg arimdex on pinning days and will have caber on hand just incase.

My question is I have a small gyno lump from prohormones many moons ago when I was a teen , it’s been fine during previous cycles where I’ve done a PCT etc but how will I keep it in check once I go onto a low dose of test E to cruise? This will be me first time blasting a cruising making the switch from PCT. like would I just take 20mg of Nolva if I think it’s starting to flair up ?

I would think going into PCT would be more of a hormonal swing than B&C. I think for the B&C guys that a taper down to the cruise isn’t a terrible idea. So with the test, do like 450, 300, 200 (assuming you are cruising around 200). That will keep you from such a large swing in hormones.

I am assuming you have used Deca before?

No this will be the first time using Deca I’ve used Test E a fair few times

I haven’t used it myself either. I would recommend that you consider NPP (same drug as DECA, nandrolone, but with a short ester). Nandrolone impacts some users in a mental / sexual health way. NPP allows one to bail quickly if things go poorly for you.

Another topic to research for you is P5P. This is an effective OTC supplement for prolactin control. IIRC, it is fairly good at reducing prolactin, but it is much harder to crash (not sure it is possible to crash with it) prolactin. If I was going to use Nandrolone, I would probably just run that from the beginning, with the caber on hand. I think it reduces the chances of needing the caber.

Yeah I’ve been reading about p5p I’m going to add it. What does is NPP run at?

Well, it is more potent slightly than deca due to the ester not taking up as much. I would guess deca gives about 70ish mg of nandrolone per 100 mg. I would think npp would give you 75 to 80 per 100 mg. You could look this up for sure though. I’m being lazy though.

I would start really low with nandrolone in general if it is your first time. If I was going to use it I would probably start at 200 mg/ week. Not advice, just what I would do.

Additionally with the short ester, you should pin it at least eod.

I’ve decided I’m going to swap out the Deca for NPP