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Test-E, Dbol, Sdrol Weird Side Effects and Crazy Strength Gains

Sup guys!
Quick info on my stats now,
Age: 20 Bf: 15% Weight: 87 Height: 1.84cm

I am on week 8 on test-e and week 2 on dbol 50mg and sdrol 10mg.

Its weird I only have one side effect and that is irrateability when I lie down to sleep,
it made me question if the gear is real because I normally get bloated even with test e only
but there are no side effects, I havent gone to the gym it opens tomorow so the mass gain
is close to zero, but here comes the weird part I hadnt done benchpress for 2 months and my max was 115kgs but my friend got me a bench and i straight up went to 150kg for 2 reps, looks like its working so the QUESTION is will the gains blow up when I start working out like I used to and should I go 6 times a week or less?

I got your stats without a mg of gear. You should overthink what you’re doing especially the sdrol.

If you don’t know how to train, you shouldn’t be running gear. I’d advise to train less than 6 times a week for strength. 4 heavy Workouts, 1 pump workout is what I would do. But training frequency as well as volume is highly individuell, which is why you should have figured this out in the 10 years as a natty before jumping on gear. Cause on gear everything works which makes it more complicated to find what works best for you.

And the next thing that I don’t get is why you are jumping on a cycle when you can’t train.

I know I’m very critical but this post has a few problems. I wish you the best. Maybe someone can give you better advice but for me this is too many variables to outline anything.

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Thanks for the reply LG, I actually have been working out for 7 years and bodybuilding for 5 years my main problem is setting up the compounds together because I had very different answers. My current gear is Test E 250mg 2x a week, Dbol 50mg and Sdrol 10mg. The calories are around 4000 and 4200.
And fun fact I actually just started the cycle when the news said the gym wont close and guess what 2 weeks later it closed.

Ok, then I take back my harsh answer. Thanks for clarifying. This sounds good. I’d do one big compound a day and 2 assistance lifts then 2 isolation lifts. It’s hard to guess which type of training you enjoy and what volume you can handle.

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Sound good. What about the dbol and sdrol combo? should I keep that for 4 weeks
or cut sdrol out and do dbol and proviron 6 weeks.

I personally wouldn’t do the sdrol. But it is great for strength.

Look here for more info. Then @ these guys, maybe they can give better advice.

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My recent post needed some more details so here I will try my best,

Sup all!
I am currently running Dbol-40mg Sdrol-10mg Test E-500mg
I do have alot of Proviron and thinking of adding that at 25mg ED
Age: 20
Weight: 86kg
Bf: 15%
Height: 1.83cm
Training yrs: 7
Calories: 4000-4200

Is there anything I can change in the cycle for better or are there any
thoughts you can give?
Currently at week 8 of Test E and week 2 of Dbol and Sdrol