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Test E, Dbol, Proviron, No AI. Need Opinions

Hi, i am 26 years old, 1.87cm, 104kg, 16%bf.
Last time i ran test e 500mg/week i almost got gyno by taking 0.5mg of arimidex/week (0.25 monday and another 0.25 thursday). I increased the dose to 0.75mg/week and that lowered my estrogen so much that i couldn’t have an errection. I lowered the arimidex dosage back to 0.5/week and the gyno reversed completely by taking nolvadex 20mg/day.
This time i will use a lower dose of test and i don’t want to take arimidex or another ai if possible.
1 gear seller told me that i shouldn’t take proviron for 10-12 weeks and another one told me that it’s ok so i decided to ask you.

Week 1-5:
-Test E 350mg/week (175mg monday, 175mg, thursday)
-Dbol 30-40mg/day (split in more doses of 10mg)
-Proviron 50mg/day (split in 2 doses)
-Nolvadex 10mg eod (to prevent any chance of getting gyno from dbol)

Week 6-11
-Test E 350mg/week (175mg monday, 175mg, thursday)
Week 12:
-Test E 250mg a single dose only monday

-I will take hcg 250 ui during weeks 9,10,11,12 mixed with test injections

Pct will start 2 weeks after last Test E pin:
-Clomid 50mg/day for 3 weeks
-Nolva 40mg/day for 2 weeks then 20mg/day for another 3 weeks

I would like to know your opinions on this. Thank you.

So you got gyno from test only and now you want to add… dbol? I would choose a different oral that doesn’t aromatize. PCT is too close to your last pin… wait 3-4 weeks before starting and drop everything but the Nolva.


That’s not pct then. That’s quite literally the opposite of pct. You shouldn’t be using these drugs if you don’t have an understanding of how they work.


Great recommendation but then usage rates would drop 99+%. Perhaps an educational outreach program geared toward enlightening young people how reckless all this is would be a better ROI than drug enforcement.

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I’ve read that ostarine is not surpressive if taken for 4 weeks 20mg/day. I posted another cycle (test and tbol) in the past a few months ago on another forum and literally everyone even mods told me that my pct sucks because i need ostarine and a test booster to keep more gains and strength. This is why i want to see as many opinions as possible.
I will drop it since i don’t want to risk.

Let me guess, the other forum was Evo?

Ostarine is absolutely suppressive. Period.


The Clomid is likely unnecessary.

Next time get your blood checked mid cycle if you’re unsure what is going on with your estrogen. Spend the money and you’ll learn something invaluable for all future cycles.

If you’re set on using an oral and are worried about the aromatization then stick with winstrol, anavar, and/or anadrol. Of course you need to worry about hepatoxicity, so do your research first.

You should stick with HCG and Nolva for PCT.