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Test E , Dbol, Proviron First Cycle Questions & Experience Thus Far

I started my cycle 3 days ago. It consists of:
Test e: 125 e3d (~290 mg weekly) week 1-3, week 3-12: 150 e3d (~350mg weekly)
Proviron: 25- 50 mg ed , week 1-12
Adex: 0,25mg e3d (adjust if needed) + nolvadex 10-20 mg if needed
Dbol: 30 mg, week 1-4.

Since starting the cycle, I have been feeling better and better mentally. I am happier than I’ve been in a long while which I assume is due mainly to the dbol. Added about 3 pounds at most (very soon so kind of irrelevant anyways)

My most important question for those who’ve been on a similar cycle. Once I drop the dbol, will I continue feeling as good and will I keep making considerable gains. Those of you who’ve done similar cycles, can you tell me a little about your experience?

Your diet and training will dictate this not what steroids you put into your body.

Probably. Not really a question anyone can answer.

Dbol makes me feel elated and it goes away when I discontinue use so that’s my experience. Also, dbol put on lbs fast… water weight. I often see the scale plateau after the dbol ceases but the composition of the weight gained changes depending on what you are running with it.

This is why it’s not a good idea for a first cycle. You’ll have no idea when you drop the DBOL if the effects you are feeling are from the DBol being dropped, or the test kicking in, or what.

You’re also adding an AI that you might not need, which might also mess with your mood.

I have only run DBol once, but wont do It again as a kick start. Felt great, then felt horrible mentally and physically, I missed taking it. You really don’t need it to get good gains out of your first cycle.

hmm… very interesting. How much test were you running along it? Maybe the test was underdosed? How were your other experiences when you didn’t kickstart?