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Test E, Dbol Hgh Cycle... My First


So I have pretty much been a lurker on these forums for about 2 months now and I am looking at starting my first cycle as a start to new year. I have done 2 dnp cycles in the past but I want to start the real stuff for some big gains, saw lots of success. I am pretty much looking to go from 185 to a final result of 200 @ 8%Bfat for the summer. One year from now.

Quick Stats
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Training for 5 years
183-185 lbs (Hard gainer-I weighed 140 lbs in 10th grade, got my first gym membership @ 18)
lean- sit at around 8-9% year round

Dbol Week 6-10 25mg ED (??20 morning,20 before WO, 10 before bed or all at once before WO??)
Test E Week 1-12 250mg E3D-Monday 8 AM, Thursday 8 PM (alternating quads)

Armidex .5mg EOD Week 1-14 (reduced to .25mg EOD on last week)
HCG 250iu E3d Week ??-14 (Pinned on same days as test)
Litro (Unsure of the amount)
*** Hair Loss product or medication to stop it*** Help me out on this one as I am skeptical of topical medications and anything in general. The whole hairloss industy in my eyes seems like a "male enhancement" industy... No working products. All advertisement.

2 weeks after last pin
Nolva Week 14-18 40/30/20/10
Clomid Week 14-18 100/100/50/50
(Will probably take caffeine before workouts too.)

Other Sups

Milk Thistle
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Grape Seed Extract
Trimelthyglycene (active ingredient is Betaine anhydrous)
NAC (NOW brand)
Liv 52 *** Is this all I need for liver support, besides no drinking?***
Joint Support(Animal [Flex])
Fish Oil Caps
Flax Seed Oil(1 Tbsp before bed)

Workout Schedule (6 days a week)
Mon-Chest and abs tris
Tues-Back and bicep trap
Sat-back bicep and abs
Sun-legs and morning cardio(20min)

I could post one of my daily meal plans, but in general I eat 6 meals a day (tons of chicken, beef, whey, rice, mashed potaters, and oats) spaced out every 2.5/3 hours.
380g Protein
245g Carbs
105g Fat

Anyways so I am looking for some advice on my whole plan here.

Am I missing any supplements that would help me stay balanced? I don't know what to do about the hair loss possibility. If I see signs early on should I just stop the cycle?
What week should I start my hcg injections?
Since the dbol makes you gain a lot of water weight, I was going to do a lighter dose. Maybe 20mg a day for 6 weeks in the middle of cycle.


I’m confused here. The title of the post says HGH, but I see no mention of HGH in the body of the post.

I would reduce the Arimidex to .25mg EOD. You’re not using a very high test dose, so that should be sufficient. You don’t need Letro AND Adex. It’s one or the other, not both. Adex is the better choice in my opinion. More expensive, but easier to fine tune dose.

You’re not eating enough. This is clear by your bodweight and your bodyfat %. DEFINITELY raise the calories when you go on cycle. Specifically, the carbs. You should be eating at least double that carb number.

As for the hair thing… don’t be an idiot. If you care that much about something as stupid as hair, don’t even start the cycle. Steroids are for people who have serious goals. This concern makes me think you’re not serious. If you’d be willing to stop a cycle because you started losing some hair, you shouldn’t even start. Either commit or don’t.


PCT is insanely wrong. - but typical bro-science

TRT shows most needing 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T ester. There are some over-responders who need 1/4th that amount.

Injecting T takes LH/FSH–>zero in two days, hCG should be from the beginning.

Reducing AI on last week was wrong.


This should be a pop-up that automatically appears to anyone that starts a “First Cycle” thread…


KSman, I appreciate your reply. I was researching a proper cycle. I want to state I did NOT cycle. Your also replying to my TRT thread fyi.


You need to control your estrogen during your PCT, this is something that no one ever pays attention to. If your estrogen spikes during PCT you’re stopping your HPTA from fully recovering.