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Test E, Dbol, HCG, Arimidex Cycle

1-12 Test E 150mg 3x/week

2-6 (5 weeks) DBol 50mg (ED)

3-14 HCG 250iu 3x/week

2-10 Arimidex .25 EOD

10-14Arimidex .25 2x/week


Also as you see above I continue the hcg and arimidex 2 weeks after last pin. Arimidex continued also 2 weeks after last pin with hcg because I’ve heard hcg can cause Gyno?

14-18 Nolvadex 40/30/20/10


14-18 Clomid 100/100/50/50

Or both? And also do I need the hcg with these two?

I’m just hung up on the pct because I know clomid has some very benifical pros as far as getting the male productive system back up and rolling. But then I’ve heard you need an AI as well, and some people even suggest hcg in there. Basically I need someone with a lot of experience to point me in the right direction as far as pct. it’s not a heavy cycle because it’s basically my first, so I might be overkilling it, but then again I want to make sure I’m protected and I cover my ass and do it right. I’m not trying to just half ass it and fuck my body up.

I would appreciate some feedback! Thanks! And if there’s something way off about this cycle please don’t roast me too hard. Lol

Test dose appears fine. I would run the dbol at the end for two reasons. One its give you time to get used to the test dose and side effect management before adding another compound. Two, when you kick start it you tend to lose the weight and get frustrated in the middle of the cycle. HCG is fine if you want to run it. I would hold off on the arimadex and if you feel you need to start it keep it light as in .25mg twice per week. Don’t run it after your last test / dbol dose. Start your Nolva 3-4 weeks post injection not 2. You need to have adequate test clearance for the PCT to work.

Basically what @blshaw said. I would just run the HCG during the 3-4 weeks before your PCT. Run it a bit higher. Running test, dbol and HCG at the same time is going to make E2 hard to manage as they all can convert to E2. Stop the HCG 4 days before the PCT.

Its important, so I’ll repeat what blshaw said about the AI. Use it when needed. Many do just fine on 500 mg of test without an AI.

  1. Adex will not stop you from having e2 issues post-cycle when you’re on HCG
  2. Your Nolva dose is not right. Either 40/40/20/20 or, honestly, 20 for six weeks.
  3. That’s a lot of dbol. Have you used it before?
  4. That’s a lot of adex week 2-6. Have you used it before?
  5. Is this your first cycle?
  6. Skip the Clomid

Ok so your saying it’s better to run dbol at the end? And also, what I’m gathering is I should just use the arimidex as needed while I’m on test only the first few weeks. Let my body feel out the test alone, and THEN manage sides with arimidex if they occur…and I won’t run the hcg until before pct? I just read if I want to keep the boys downlow running properly that a small hcg dose while on cycle takes care of that. But please, correct me if I’m wrong… and also will only need Nolvadex for pct and hcg? And I heard clomid is great for pct but has a lot of sides. Do you guys have certain cycles that you prefer clomid over Nolvadex? Or is it just stronger cycles you need it?

And yes it is technically my first real cycle, I ran test for like two months at one point but I came off of it. So yeah, first time

Nolva at 40mg is more effective than 100mg Clomid, plus it comes with fewer side effects. You generally don’t need both. Save yourself some trouble and use just the Nolva.

So Iron doesn’t have to type it all out. Here you go

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I appreciate the well thought out point of view there. It actually does make sense. But also I hear it’s bad to end a cycle with dbol because it’s harsh on the estrogen side. Once again lol one person says one thing and the other person says another thing but at the same time bringing valid points to there reasoning. It’s just hard to pick one lol.

So another question I have for you guys… is dbol just used as a kickstarter? Or is it used because it causes strength gains and can put on some mass in the beggining of a cycle but eventually you were going to see those gains later on just with the test?? Is dbol even needed? Can I achieve the gains and physique change with just test that I would see with test and dbol Kickstarter?

Can be used either way


Perhaps the dbol will give a few extra pounds… but ehhh, is that really worth it? Also 50mg dbol is a full retard dose… a point of diminishing returns as is evident in clinical data using 100mg daily (gains were disproportionately found to be water/minteral/glycogen retention in comparison to lean mass)… When I used it, I got a lot out of 20mg daily… in only two weeks… Didn’t like it, made me feel like shit (in general, neurologically, low libido, heartburn etc)… then again, deca appears to make me feel pretty groovy, so I may be an outlier

Do not take 50mg DBOL off the bat, you’re asking for potential HB issues, massive lower back pumps to the point of potentially ruining workouts (especially if you’re not used to this). Not worth it.

30mg of DBol can give you plenty of kick at the end of a cycle and hopefully minimize need for AI. I have run 30mg DBol and 500 test with no AI. No problems.

What are your stats ? Height / weight / age ?

Why are you injecting 3x per week? Why are you running HCG? Both are options, just curious why.

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Wow really ? That’s a first hearing that. So are you saying dbol with the test actually decreases your chances of
Using an AI? I thought maybe it would cause issues worse but then again everybody’s different. And I’ve changed my
Mind on using the hcg while on cycle but still going to use it for pct. but someone told me that clomid does the same thing. But that can’t be true, at least not based on what I read. And I’m 26 6”2 195 . I’m thinking about just sticking with test. I though about using dbo the first four weeks but I just done my first pin of test yesterday. But I’ve debated on still throwing it in around week 2 or 3

No, not at all. Taking 30mg instead of 50mg will potentially lower your need for an AI. DBol most definitely aromatizes rather heavily.

Do not throw DBol in during the early weeks. The Test will take 4-6 weeks before you start seeing real effects (minus some early glycogen and water). If you add DBOL early on, and you start having side effects, you’ll have no idea which one is causing what.

If you decide to run DBol, wait until the last few weeks until you know how Test is working for you.

I’ve never run HCG, and do not plan to, so I can’t help you there. However, clomid is not the same. Use nolvadex for your PCT.

Think about what dangerous stuff you’re putting into your body. Test, Arimidex, Nolvadex, HCG, Dianabol. All of these have risks and can affect your body in different ways. KEEP IT SIMPLE, don’t add more than you need to. See how your body does with the minimal amount of variables possible. Your diet and training will matter way more than whether or not you add some DBol.

Don’t use HCG during PCT.

I’ll go ahead and respond to your response to that. You heard wrong.