Test E/Dbol First Cycle Log and Questions

Wk 1-10 Test E 500mg split twice per week
Wk 1-2 Dbol 40mg ED
Wk 3-4 Dbol 30mg ED
Nolva PCT
Arimidex on hand

Day 1- took Dbol and realized I had the wrong needles.
Day 2- got correct needles and had first injection of test. Nervous as hell daughter banged on bathroom door and I forgot to expel air from needle. Went to stick my self and my reflexes went crazy. I poked the needle in my butt three times in quick succession. EXTREMELY bad PIP. Hurt for four days.

Day 3- Took 1mg Arimidex. Felt like shit all afternoon and next day like I was sick

Day 5- Took Arimex 1 mg. Felt like shit all day and next day was sick. Looked into Arimidex and see that I’m an idiot. No reason to take if I don’t need and much lower dose required. 2nd injection went fine. Very little PIP.

Day 7- Amazing pumps at Gym. Looking more muscular. Haven’t gained much weight. Might need to increase caloric intake slightly.

Day 8- 3rd injection pulled out needle and blood went everywhere. Hope that’s not a bad sign. Definitely worried me. Did I aspirate properly? Should I be aspirating?

(Have to buy one more bottle of test for 10 week cycle and due to purchase minimums will have to buy something else. Any suggestions for something to throw in during week 5 after Dbol?)

This post will probably make the vets cringe or laugh. But maybe it’ll serve of some help to other rookies like me and maybe they won’t make some of the same mistakes or if they do they can see that theyre not going to die. Other people have done dumb shit too.

I take it this is your first cycle. You should have stuck with test only but since you decided to use multiple compounds for the first time together…

That arimidex dosage is WAY too high. I bet that whole feeling bad is because you have tanked your estrogen. At your dosage level of test I would be willing to bet that 0.5 mgs on the day’s your pin would almost be too much. Try 0.5 on your pinning days if you still feel like shit the next day then go to 0.25 EOD if you still feel like shit go to 0.25 on days you pin. When you feel like shit it is because you tank your estrogen when that happens you need to wait about 3 days before you start again at a lower dosage.

Why are you lowering your dbol dosage as you go along? You should be doing test only but you have dbol in there as well so do what everyone else does and start at a lower dosage the increase at week 3.

As far as your ordering issue and what to add in, add in NOTHING! Don’t go and try another new compound for the first time on your first cycle. If you want to know what to order, order another bottle of test because no one does just one cycle. If you don’t like the idea of keeping an extra bottle in your house until the next cycle then get a bottle of test proprionate. Once you stop using the test enanthate switch to the Propionate pinning it every other day. Once that bottle runs out wait a couple of days then start PCT. If you run enanthate until the end of your cycle you need to wait two weeks after pinning your last shot then begin PCT.

As far as your pinning issues. If you are stuck pinning in the bathroom try pinning your quads. Look online where to pin in them. You sit down on the toilet and relax then pin. After you pull out put your clean finger over the hole and hold it there for about a minute, gently massaging the area. Wipe down with an alcohol pad afterwards. I use cotton balls with alcohol on them.

You have really given me the impression you needed to do more research before starting this cycle. In the future NEVER start a cycle without everything you need in HAND. All your bottles, your entire PCT, your AI, your needles and syringes, EVERYTHING! You don’t want to get halfway through your cycle and realize your order got held up, you will end up waisting the first half of your cycle and if you are waiting on PCT you could have some serious issues waiting for the order.

You were supposed to include your age, work out history, general physical stats, and cycle history. Like I said I get the impression this is your first cycle. Please tell me you at least have your Nolvadex for PCT in hand and that isn’t what you are ordering and waiting on.

Other than jumping the gun on your cycle, going backwards with your dbol dosage, and not having everything before you started, I will say your test dosage and length of cycle seems to be in line with a proper first cycle. Hell that cycle will probably work for the first five cycles before you need something else to move you along.

Thank you for the reply. Yes it’s my first cycle. Yes I have everything on hand but the second vial of test. Can get that at anytime. Was nervous about making a large purchase the first time and wether it would even come or not.
I took the Arimidex and the Dbol at that dosage based on the recommendation of the supplier. After feeling so crappy I did some more research on the Arimidex and found this site. Haven’t taken the Arimidex since.
I’m 36
Been lifting off and on since joining the military at 17.
Very skinny kid. Entered the military at 115lbs

Researched quite abit but I’ll admit I didn’t look into the ai as much as I should have. Didn’t realize what strong drugs they were in their own right. Maybe stronger than the test. Will look into the test prop or maybe just getting another test e vial for next cycle. Will follow your advice and not add another substance into this cycle.

As far as pinning in quads do I need different needles? I use 18g to draw and 23g 1 1/2 in to inject.

That’s a long needle I use 1in for glutes. I don’t inject in quads but people use 5/8 for quads a lot of the time.