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Test E-Dbol Cycle

28 y’o
235 ibs
Training for 3 years consistent for 2 I have done 2 cycles of dbol and a cycle of winny from with minimal results didn’t have a good diet no test base now I have a good diet in check eat around 4500 cals daily just wanna know if this is an accurate cycle for a good amount of size and strength

Test E 500 mgs a week for 12 weeks with a 6 week kick start of dbol at 50 mg ED along with n2guard

Aromasin 12.5mg ed throughout cycle up to the time I START pct which will be 2 weeks after my last pin and then when I start my pct I’m gonna use Clomid and nolvadex

clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolva 20/20/20/20

Does this look ideal?

You’re the second guy this week who’s had N2Guard included in their cycle. For the life of me I cannot understand how someone justifies spending that much money on something that has no actual benefits.

Anyway, the cycle looks like a standard, tried-and-true mass builder. PCT looks like overkill, as a lot of the conventional wisdom is now moving towards using Nolva solo. But I doubt that your current setup will be a problem.

You said you’ve run dbol solo before. What was your ai dosage for that cycle? I’m curious what you were using and how you felt vs how much you’re going to take now with the addition of test.

I did dbol about 2 years ago and didn’t use anything no ai or nothing just wanted them gains! ate sloppy and gained like 20 ibs kept like 5 when I came off felt great on it had no testicle shrinkage no estrogen related effects my shoulders got a minir acne none on my face tho and I was doing 100 mgs a day for 6 weeks was pretty lucky I think considering all the shit i read that could have happened, now I just want to make sure I’m doing everything accordingly I have a son now so I don’t want to drop dead because some dumb shit when I was younger. I’m planning on doin 50 mgs for the first 6 weeks with the test to kick start and en im gonna drop it and also what would be a cheaper alternative to n2guard cuz I’ve been skeptical on buying it any feedback is much appreciated and thanks for the response

The bro wisdom says take TUDCA. I’m more of the opinion that if it worked as well as people say it does we would see doctors using it for patients who are at risk for liver damage due to the intake of hepatotoxic substances.

I think that if you don’t drink (or if you drink minimally) and don’t make your liver deal with massive amounts of sugar from your diet then you can run something like dbol for six weeks and not worry about it.

I rarely drink if not at all and I don’t eat much sugar anyway chocolate chocolate bars or cookies etc I smoke a bit of bud and rather munch out on some chicken or tacos lol and I’m gonna drop the n2guard. Thanks for the feed back it’s super appreciated will keep updates before and after cycle cheers!

it’s regularly used in hospitals for the treatment of cholestasis

Fair enough. Though that’s a case of it being used to treat an acute condition and we’re talking about preventative care. But your point still stands. Thank you for the correction.