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Test E/ Dbol Cycle, Please Critique

Hey guys, First off I want to mention I am 19, i could lie to you guys and say im 25, but thats not why im here. Please do not take this post as arrogance, i am here to learn. I know it is highly recommended not to take steroids until 21 or even 25 for the matter, but everyones body is different right?

Let me tell you some things about me, I’m 19, 6’1 and i weigh 230 pounds. I have been lifting for 1 and 1/2 years seriously. (i lifted in high school for sports but not to the degree i do now). Now I know what youre thinking, yeah right heres some arrogant kid looking for a short cut, im sure his diet and training is crap. Now let me also say that a year and a half ago i weighed 160 pounds, Yes youre reading that right. I gained 70 pounds naturally in a year and a half. Now obviously im not gonna tell you all of that was muscle, but i would say 35-40 pounds of it was. I eat 6 times a day, count all my macros and meal prep my food for the week every Saturday. I eat all clean food except a cheat meal Saturday nights. I take all the necessary supplements a natural person should be taking, Whey, casein, creatine mono, glutamine, bcaas, multivitamin, and fish oil, I also take preworkout.

Now, I read a few forums about how you shouldnt take aas unless you have some potential. I feel that gaining 70 pounds in a year and a half shows some potential. I also read where guys my age weighing 170 pounds were trying to get on aas and everyone told them to wait and eat more food. I know how to eat and hopefully my weight gain can prove that. I feel that being 6’1, 230 im large enough to be taking aas, even at 19. I dont drink, I dont even go out with friends. I literally go to the gym and college and thats about it. I feel that im very mature for my age.

I also need to say that yes, I do plan on competing. This isnt just a hobby of mine its something i plan on pursuing for a very long time.

I plan on doing an 8 week test E cycle with 4 weeks of Dbol, it would look like this.
Weeks 1-8 250mg Test E twice a week
Weeks 1-4 30mg of dbol split into 3 doses a day.
Clomid 2 weeks after last pin. 100/100/50/50
Nolva 2 weeks after last pin. 20/20/20/20
During cycle I would be taking an AI every 3 days.

Now obviously 8 weeks of test is not very long, but im trying to do this as safe as possible due to my age. As I said before, please do not take this post as arrogance, im here to learn. Im a huge believer of everyone is different, and feel that at my stats I could be potentially ready. I’m pretty set on doing this, but if you guys truly believe that I’m not ready, I will not do it. Now, if you believe that I can do it relativity safe, can you please critique the cycle? Any feedback is appreciated, even if its not what i want to hear.

Well I can tell you that using steroids at such a young age is bad but you arleady know that. Since you already gained so much at a such short amount of time naturaly why dont you continue doing what you do until you see that you don’t gain anymore?

Your cycle looks good, its a standart first cycle. You should post some pics so people can see your progress and comment on your potential.

I mean if you have what it takes to be the next Mr.O or something maybe its worth juicing at your age.

Now obviously im not the leanest right now but as I said, I put on 70 pounds, I feel that i could lean down pretty quickly if i wanted to with some changes in diet. I know im not going to be mr.O, but i think with aas I could get pretty far and really take this to the next level. Also, keep in mind this is a year and a half difference naturally. Thank you for the reply!

Add hCG, drop the clomid - running one serm is actually better than two and Nolva is preferred. Test only is recommended for a first cycle because adding one compound at a time is how you learn how your body reacts to each one.

I’d personally just run 8 weeks of prop, which kicks in a lot faster than e thereby eliminating the need for a dbol kickstart, but what you have is fine and pretty standard.

Ditto Juggs - HCG is a MUST at such a young age and prop favours shorter cycles…

19 is young but I started at 20 so no real difference… Just keep planning proper Test only cycles with hcg and good pct’s and you should do well.

Thank you for your replys! I’m thinking now I’ll start with just the test prop and add HCG and then maybe my next cycle i’ll add the dbol if this one goes well. So you guys do seem to think that I can do this relatively safely?

Another question I have is if and when I decide to stack dbol with the test, would i be better off to use something like anavar since i’m already quite “fluffy” Thanks guys

imo i would use the dbol in a single dose pre workout rather than throughout the day give your young liver a rest no need to take all day long when you will benefit most during and post workout also agree that you should add hcg and drop the clomid no reason to use 2x serms


This is a good approach, doing prop only for your first cycle. You’ll get more out of prop with an 8 weeker, and you won’t need the dbol. You’d probably do fine to run test only your first few cycles, but adding dbol is good too. Personally I think dbol is best when you have a longer ester cycle to run like test e or cyp and you want a “kickstart” the first few weeks as the test takes time to do its work.

You can probably do this veryy safely for a long time, but results vary from one person to another. Honestly I’m a fan of avoiding orals, especially the ones that are highly hepatoxic, if you plan to use for years (and if you don’t there is no point). That’s why I’d rather you use prop instead of test e with dbol.

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