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Test E, Dbol, and Anadrol Cycle Tips

What’s up guys, I’m going to start a my first cycle and was hoping to get some tips on how to do it safely and the correct way to PCT.
I’m 23, 6’ 195 I’ve been lifting for a long time but I’ve been going through some training In the military and haven’t been able to lift. I’m doing a cycle to jumpstart the process when I start lifting
My cycle will consist of test e (injectable) dbol (oral) anadrol (oral). For PCT I’ll take clomid and nolvadex. Any tips whatsoever will be appreciated. Especially tips on usage, dosage. Thanks a lot.

Edit: I’ve taken prohormones before, (I know there is a big difference but I figured I should add what else I have taken) I took superbolin when I was way to young and retarded and had no idea what I was doing, I took built mass phase 4, about a year ago, gained 25 pounds, all lifts improved by at least 50 lbs. I took liver armor and proper pct. the only side affects were a very high resting heart rate, and I couldn’t run for shit. Obviously gaining muscle mass will make it harder to run, but I had a shortness of breath and fatigue more than I should have. Other than that everything went well. AAS is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time I just want to do it right. Any tips will help.

I’m not very experienced myself, so take anything I have to say with that credibility in mind but from studying I have done, using Dbol and Drol at the same time is a horrible idea.

• 1st From a performance point of view, those are all ‘wet’ compounds. Size will come on TOO FAST and it will be bloat, lethargy will set in and you won’t be doing much of anything outside of slow heavy sets and catching your breath in between.

•2 Health wise, you’ll put on a huge amount of water weight, blood pressure will become an issue. They will also both (to some degree along with the test in supraphysiological doses, which 500mg a week falls under) screw your lipids badly (cholesterol doesn’t seem like a big deal to us younger guys, but just had a co-worker die randomly from a heart attack at 48, I personally would like to see future grand children).

Then you have to think about liver damage Dbol and Drol, both aa17 alkylated orals, will do. The liver is a resilient organ, but just like spring steel has a degree of elasticity before it permantly deforms and weakens, so does your liver. Dbol by itself isn’t so bad, the mg doses are small, Drol is harsher but is ok in a short ‘burst’ and with proper supplementation won’t do any permanit harm.

Putting both together at the same time will literally be like trying to hang a dump truck from a car coil spring, after it’s stretched, if it miraculously doesn’t break, it will never work the same again. Your body is the car that spring is going back into… yeah slow gains aren’t very gratifying but it’s a lot better than jaundice…

•3 From a hormonal point of view test aromatises into estrogen, you will be running far above what your body normal produces so unless you have an AI on hand or are genetically very fortunate high E2 will be an issue. Dbol aromatise into to methylestriodal which is even stronger in the sense of agonist action on the receptors. Drol is not supposed to aromatise at all, but empirical evidence points out it’s metabolites do, or can even bind and activate the estrogen receptors themselves. Which means that an AI may have no effect on its estrogen (or estrogen mimicking) side effects and you will need a SERM to ad on cycle to bind the receptors to keep them from being activated. Basically it will make your AI dosing a crap shoot, at best, and require a SERM for a safety blanket. Unless you have the time and money for constant blood monitoring, I would say it would be difficult to impossible unless you’re very proficient knowing how sensitive your body is and when to make adjustments.

My two cents, I have only done one cycle at the moment so take it for what it’s worth, more of a word of caution based on what I have researched. I wouldn’t do it.

If you already have the compounds, I’d pick up an AI (maybe anastazole at .5mg every other day to start) and throw in 4 weeks of Dbol by itself at 20-30mg a day in the beginning. The veterans can help get your doses worked out, I’m not qualified really. I did a similar PCT to what you planned an recovered just fine from my first cycle, so no critique there.

Research and study, it’s a fascinating world, but it could end up really shitty if you screw yourself up at 23…


Right on thanks for the advice, I was also thinking of test 400, EQ, and winstrol. Same pct as listed. Thoughts on that cycle instead?

I think it depends on what your goal is, size, strength, hardness/vascularity… The first two are more closely related as the diets will be similar in the sense it will be maintenance level to surplus calorie intake. You (and I personally) don’t wanna do a cut, rather have fat get used up and replaced with muscle (a recomp).

EQ is an interesting compound, it is supposed to build decent strength and endurance, but also will increase red and white blood cell count from what I understand, so supposedly very good for recovery and one of the few that will boost immune system function. But I also heard it has to be run for a looooong time to get anything from it, and it does aromatise slightly.

Winny is something I’m going to try, my buddy did a solo cycle of it, lost a little weight and got a little bit of muscle (he does not even workout though, just ‘runs’ and used to do Brazilian jiu jitsu) but 4 weeks in his joints are getting bad, no joke. He didn’t suppliment right however, and was not taking test so… wether or not winny joints is an issue might not be a big deal, but it does exist.

I think you should look into Tbol, if this is stuff you are still going to be picking up. It’s not much more than Dbol I believe, but it doesn’t aromatise and will not (potentially) hammer on your joints like winny.

Why don’t you start with a simple Test E @ 500mg/wk rather than trying to kill yourself on your first cycle?

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Dbol and anadrol together is a combo that you see often…in highly experienced guys who know exactly what they’re doing. It’s not for beginners. Seriously.

With any oral, you should consider adding milk thistle and N-Acetyl Choline (NAC) for liver protection.