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Test E + Dbol + Anavar Cycle

Sup guys, this is my plan for my third cycle.
Would appreciate it if you could look over it and let me know what you think, thanks.

Weeks 1-12
500mg test e per week

Weeks 1-4
40mg Dianabol per day

Weeks 7-14
50mg Anavar per day

Weeks 15-18
PCT - Nolva 40mg per day

Also if you have any advice on my Dianabol and Anavar dosages. When should I take them during the day. I’ve been told dbol should be taken before training, so for example 20mg at mid day then 20mg at 4pm as I usually workout at 4:30pm.

Where as I’ve been told Anavar should be taken evenly throughout the day so that blood levels stay at the same level throughout the cycle.

Here’s some info on Anavar

Anavar has a longer half life than Dbol (9hrs versus 6 hours). Its more important to spread out your Dbol than Var.