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Test E - Dbol, 11 Week Cycle


hello hello

i am 22 & want to run a cycle.

the stack i am looking at contains

3500mg T. Enanthate
Dianabol 126 (150) tabs
Nolvadex 28 (30) tabs
Proviron 21(20) tabs

their dosage guide is:

test e dbol
500mg weeks 1 - 3 20mg week 1

750mg week 4 30mg week 2 - 3

500mg weeks 5 - 6 40mg week 4

250mg week 7 30mg week 5 - 6


Nolvadex 10mg
1 tab week 6

1 tab weeks 11 - 10 - 12

Proviron 25mg

1 tab weeks 3 - 4 - 5

now from my own research I’ve seen a lot of comments saying test e takes a while to kick in & dbol is used as a kickstart, so this cycle doesn’t really make sense. but for me it does make sense financially its cost £124.

so anyway i done bit of maths with the dosages etc.

so with this stack i could do an 11 week cycle at 300mg a day well its actually 318mg.

  • this leads to my first question can you only inject even MGs or would it be ok to inject 318mg?

  • how much dbol would you advise to take with this cycle & for how many weeks?

  • and health wise is there anything else you would recommend adding into the cycle i am aware of milk thistle any other things?

  • i am worried about gyno i know AI stands for aromatose inhibitor well i think anyway, what is the best thing to buy and also dosage for an 11week test e dbol cycle?


You are 22. Dont cycle. /END THREAD

I am pretty sure cost should be one of the last things to consider.

But since I am sure you have your mind made up what are your stats? Height, weight, best lifts, lifting experience, anything else you think might be relevant?

-318 or what ever is fine and you inject every 3 to 5 days and stay consistent, not every day. Every day would be over 2 grams a week.

-For a kickstart Dbol usually is ran for the 1st 4 weeks at 20-50mg a day either 45 min before (performance) or directly after your workout (recovery) but any time is truthfully fine.

-Health wise I recommend not cycling, or dropping the Dbol. Just the test, keep it simple and learn how your body responds to 1 chemical at a time.

-Arimidex is prbly best on cycle and half gram on injection days is prbly good but every body is different, novladex is up there. If you need something stronger Aromasin maybe


A few things… How, exactly, are you going to measure out 318 mg? Did you even think about this question before you asked it? LOL. That might be the dumbest question I’ve seen on here, ever.

I don’t think you’re ready for this. First of all, you’re making your decisions on what to put in your body based on finances, not what is best for your body. That already puts you on the wrong track. Second, you don’t know how to put together a basic cycle. You don’t know what an AI is. You don’t know how to dose it. This information is readily available on the internet, and you didn’t take ANY time to learn it. You’re really kind of an asshole for this. You believe that we should spend our time educating you, rather than taking your own time to educate yourself.

I don’t think your age is a problem, I think your intelligence is a problem. And I seriously doubt you’re putting in enough effort in the gym and with your diet if you’re going to put in such little effort into research here.

Honestly, just fuck off. We’ll all be better for it.


If you go to the sticky on the Pharma page you will find out a lot of good info on every aspect of AAS use. The info you are asking for is all there, you just have to research it. The guys on this forum are very knowledgeable but they hate people that want to be spoon fed info. Do your research, put together a plan based on what you learned, and then post it here, along with your stats, and they will gladly give their feedback. This was my first post. This is pretty much the layout they want. Cycle For Your Review