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Test-E/D-Bol Stack. First Cycle Help

bodyfat- 16-18%
training 6 days a week. Cardio in the morning not on leg days, then lifting in the afternoon.

k so i been training for 2 years now, i stopped training in september of 2011 due to a shoulder injury and took a good 5 months off. its been a month since i started hitting the weights again so im thinking of jumping on a cycle( if any reconsiderations please notify).

1-4 weeks(D-Bol 50mg/day). 1 dose 2-4 hours pre workout. second dose 4-5 hours post workout.
1-12 weeks (Test-E 500mg/week. injections on monday morning and thursday night.
1-12 week (arimidex)
PCT-(nolvadex 14 days after last TEST-E pin.

i need your advice about the cycle and how i adjusted it, and also on how much arimidex and nolvadex i should run. i would appreciate some feedback please.

Wrong forum.

Also do you really think you need AAS after 2 years?