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Test E. D-Bol Cycle


I'm 19 with around 6 years of training. My goal is to put on mass and increase strength.
My current lifting stats for regular lifts are as follows (all maxs)

A few months ago I was given Dbol- Taken by itself(stupid i know.) I went from a 135 bench up to 315 and packed on 30 pounds in a month.

So this is the layout of my cycle starting soon..just looking for comments, advice and anything else y'all have to add.

Test E
Weeks 1-12 250mg (Monday morning, Thursday evening)

Weeks 1-4 35mg (Daily)

2 weeks after last injection. (20 mg) daily for 4 weeks.

Consuming 4-4500 calories a day.

I'm not too sure if I'm running too much test...also still a little confused on the mg to ml for syringes...help please.


You need an aromatase inhibitor too like adex to keep estrogen under control. test e mls per injection depends on concentration. Test e is often brewed at 250mg/ml by underground labs. In that case 1 ml twice per week gives you a total of 500mg/w. Hope you experience the same kind of gains in this upcoming cycle. Often it is hard to duplicate 1st cycle rate of gains. Did you maintain gains from 1st cycle?


Alright. Thanks…Yeah I took about a month off. Now after about 2 hard months of training and pre and post supps my body is just about as hard as it was. Just not all the mass.


I’m not sure why you have been taking time off from training. It does not sound like you are ready for AAS, regardless of your young age.


Couple things…

First I’m not going to bother with the you’re too young crap because you probably wont listen, but I will say I would try and see how much you can do naturally before starting AAS. Even making short term goals enabled me to postpone steroid use and actually paid off in the long run because it ended up showing I hit a definite plateau in my training.

[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:
I’m not sure why you have been taking time off from training. It does not sound like you are ready for AAS, regardless of your young age.[/quote]


If you’re taking breaks in training without legitimate reasoning, I suggest you get your diet & training right otherwise your wasting your time and money. End of story.

Another thing… If you dont have any knowledge about simple things like concentration it makes me think you know even less about the more important things. I say research some more and learn about what you’re about to put in your body.

If you’re going to do the cycle anyway, I suggest you listen to DH and get an AI for flare ups while on cycle. And I suggest you read up on AI’s for things like what they are/do, dosage, timing, etc.



The reasoning of my short time off is I had a little incident that lead to surgery on my forearm. Thanks though. I understand what yall are sayin. After a little more research I figured out the dosage ordeal.


Well that’d be a legitimate reason then. Glad you were proactive and found information for yourself. People will probably be much more open with any more information if you have any questions.