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Test E/D-bol Cycle/Taper Help

Hey everyone, this is my planned cycle, I read up on the Test Taper and how to come off, just want to double check on where running the nolvadex is right and weening off the Adex.

Test E          Dbol        Arimidex   Nolvadex

Week 1 500mg 30mg/day .25mg/day
Week 2 500mg 30mg/day "
Week 3 500mg 30mg/day "
Week 4 500mg 30mg/day "
Week 5 500mg "
Week 6 500mg "
Week 7 500mg "
Week 8 500mg "
Week 9 500mg "
Week 10 500mg "
Week 11 100mg " 20mg/day
Week 12 100mg " 20mg/day
Week 13 100mg " 20mg/day
Week 14 100mg " 20mg/day
Week 15 100mg "
Week 16 80mg
Week 17 60mg
Week 18 40mg
Week 19 30mg
Week 20 20mg

Also if running tribulus, when should i begin it to try and stimulate the LH receptors?

Any other comments or advice will be well taken, thanks in advance.

hey sorry it got discombobulated when i posted it, 30mg/day for 4 weeks on dbol

adex is .25mg/day from week one until week

nolvadex is 20mg/day week 11-14

hey pm me

Damn, the use of tribulus was discussed before and the information escapes me. I swear to have read something along the lines of using it on the ass end of the taper.

Wait so youre not using a SERM during the taper part, just the stasis? Id front load the test E.

What is your cycle history? How do you handle bol? If not well, then start the adex a week before the bol so its in your system and cooking.


that stack looks good bro. the only thing i would say is just on. the whole goal is to get big so i say jam on

hey thanks guys,

my friend is taking this, he makes great gains of dbol, he is 22.5 at 210 lbs and 5’10. ill let him know about the adex a week before, i appreciate it, let me know if the taper is right with the serm and trib